HomeKit Alternative to Home Hub for automation?

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    Jun 26, 2017
    Hi all—
    I’m looking for a way to automate a couple basic smarthome routines—turning my lights on/off when I leave or come home. I have Hue smartlights, and then I also have a couple other lights connected to an iDevices and an iHome smartplug. Prior to a few days ago I had leave/arrive automations that worked well, despite not having a 4th Gen. Apple TV (I have Apple TV 3). Suddenly those no longer work, and now Home is telling me I can’t automate without purchasing a new Apple TV or leaving an iPad home.

    I don’t think either is a reasonable step. I’m steeped in Apple products, but I don’t have a spare iPad and I don’t want or need to replace my 4K Fire TV or my Echo with a HomePod. My question is: is there any alternative to Apple’s solution? An app that could, for example, trigger Alexa to remotely activate light scenes? I can do that manually in the app, even remotely, but don’t seen any location aware/geofencing solutions to automate that. Hue has a built-in geofence, but iDevices uses HomeKit which needs a hub, and iHome’s app is even more limited. Any other solutions/services I’m not aware of? IFTTT maybe?

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