Alternative to Microsoft Publisher for Mac


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Aug 8, 2010

For a certain subject at school (Systems and control, it's basically D&T with some electronics) we use Microsoft Publisher for all our coursework. There is no way I can get around using Publisher at school, we have to use it, even though it's a ridiculously horrible program.

But the main problem arises at home, if I want to do any work on my coursework I have to go onto XP via bootcamp and use Publisher on that. Considering Publisher is the only reason I use bootcamp now, I would really like to get rid of my bootcamp partition and use only the Mac side.

So, is there an alternative to Publisher for Mac? I need to be able to open and edit Publisher files, but to be honest I don't need that many features. The stuff it pretty simple, and I'm not really sure why we do it on Publisher. It's probably because it's A3, and the teachers don't believe Word can do A3.

Also, doing it in Word and then copying it over to Publisher at the end isn't an option, there's so much of it it would be to time consuming.



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Mar 12, 2009
As far as I'm aware, nothing except Microsoft Publisher can open Publisher files.

There are plenty of DTP options, but none (to my knowledge) which open Publisher files. Sorry!


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Aug 10, 2010
Read Publisher files on your Mac

I had the same problem and found on another forum. Works like a charm. You upload your publisher file; choose the format i.e. Word, PDF, and they email you the converted file. And it's free.
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