Alternative to MS Sharepoints


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Apr 27, 2003
Sheffield, UK
Can anybody suggest an alternative to MS Sharepoints. I large client of mine is looking to build a web based resource and collaboration portal for it's staff clients and consultants and believes Sharepoints is the only product for this purpose. I am concerned that access will be limited for people like myself, Mac only, and Linux only users. Are there any alternatives to Sharepoints on the market?


Mar 4, 2006
Nitrocide said:
He means Microsoft Sharepoint Server, a product that allows storing your data files into a big database for collaboration purposes. Don't worry if you haven't used it. It's a pile of steaming poo, in the same say Exchange 5.0 was a pile of steaming poo.

As happened with Exchange, I do hope Sharepoint eventually turns into something a bit more usable and supportable. However, sadly the current version is pants.


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Oct 2, 2008
I saw on the o3spaces site that they will give a preview of their coming release this week, so if you want to learn more?

Alfresco delivers a testdrive that is very good by the way.