iPad Alternative to Rev360 case for iPad Air?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by PackFan, Oct 25, 2013.

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    I have been using this case with my iPad 2 and iPad 3 while I teach. I walk around the room a lot and annotate on the iPad - so keeping it 'attached' and safe so that I don't accidentally trip and drop it is important... It also rotates easily so that I can work in either portrait or landscape mode.

    I was looking to see if the company was putting out a new version for the iPad Air, but it appears they are no longer around.

    Does anyone know of a good alternative?



    It appears that it has been taken over by Mobile Edge. I sent them a message asking if they will be making one for the iPad Air.

    Any alternative suggestions would still be welcome.
  2. Rukpad, Nov 1, 2013
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    I am looking fir the same, I enjoy my rev360 case.

    So far this is the best I could find.




    Not really a case, but if you don't want to wait a few months for more to come out


    The hand-e holder is what I think I am going to try, I buy a basic snap case first so I can attach the grip to that. Reviews I have seen for it look good. The only thing I dislike about the rev360 case is its bulk so may be nice to have a lighter setup
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    Is there demand for the REV360 Case for the iPad air?

    We are in the tooling process for the iPad mini case utilizing the same handle that is on the REV360. Production is scheduled for early March.

    If the demand is there we'll build the case for the iPad Air.
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    LapWords has a product for iPac air with an handle and 360 degree swiveling motion. It is super light and compact in comparison.


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