Alternative USB-C to Lightning


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Oct 23, 2013
I've seen cheaper 1m cables, but after a 2m that will definitely work with fast charging the 12.9 IPP.

2m Apple cable is unusually expensive, suggesting that the cable needs to be a minimum gauge/amperage. Do these exist elsewhere?

Southern Dad

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May 23, 2010
Shady Dale, Georgia
USB-C cables have already gotten a reputation from outright killing devices when they're improperly made. Just be careful what you buy.
I have a genuine 29 watt charger but my USB-C to Lighting may or may not be genuine. It didn't come in a box. I've never gotten the message on the screen that says it isn't an approved cable but it isn't worth taking the chance. I have to be at the Apple Store tomorrow, I'll spend the $25 on a real one.
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