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Oct 25, 2007
Hi there,

Surfing around the net recently, I've come across a lot of good looking blogs, which has got me thinking.

My limited experience of blogs has pretty much come from blogger, but I don't really like the way that those kind of blogs look and I don't get a whole lot of flexibility with them. So I was just wondering whether somebody might be able to give me a slightly more professional alternative to Blogger.

Basically some kind of a blog/cms software that I can buy/download.

Thanks alot in advance

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Sep 18, 2007
WordPress is definitely the way to go.

The unbelievable level to which you can customize your blog on WP is a big plus for me. There is also a GREAT amount of support available in the support forums...when learning how to design my blog, I went there frequently and had responses within 5-10 minutes in most cases.

I'd def. go with WP. It's free, too.

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