Alternatives to Garageband


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Aug 26, 2008
The mac I use garageband on died. For complicated reasons I won't go into, I can't replace it. I need to continue with an audio program that functions like garageband but is available for PC/Windows. I know this is a Mac forum but I am hoping that someone may have suggestions on a program that is basically garageband for windows.

I have tried Adobe Soundbooth and that doesn't allow me to mutli-track and edit like garageband. There is a freeware product called Audacity that I have tried and it is really clunky and hard to use and also doesn't allow me to multi-track like garageband.

I would appreciate any and all software deas. Thank you for any help.



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May 4, 2007
why not try these

why dont you try Ableton Live or sequel by steinberg. i havent tried sequel but it looks ok to me and ableton live is great. its very versatile.