Altimate Capture/edit/render set up for macbook pro

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by DooDaaDame, Mar 29, 2009.

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    I've got a sony HDR-SR11. I am purchasing a macbook pro in the next week or so. I have experience importing AVCHD files on my powerbook G4, converting them in Voltaic and processing them in imovie HD. In a former life I worked with adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro, but this was in analog days.
    I've done alot of reading on this forum and Apple and am left with a few questions I can't seem to find a clear cut answer for.
    In my analog days I had a screaming (2-9gig/18gig!) 7200rpm Seagate Cheetah RAID, (SCSI, remember SCSI?) that I partitioned for system/applications and a partition to render and save project files to as well as use for scratch disk. I also had external drives to drag archived project folders to when finished.
    The way I would work is that I would create a project folder I saved raw footage to and the movie project itself, as well as the rendered files. All this occured on the RAID partition made for it. When i finished the project, I would drag the entire project folder to external archive and Burn to CD at a later date.
    What I'm reading now is that people are setting up a 7200rpm 800 external firewire drive and keeping their project file on the internal HD and converting/rendering/writing to the external drive, as well as using it for the scratch disk. Isn't this slower than the way we used to do it? Doesn't it cause file disassociation,(invented this word), when files get moved around on the firewire drive and orphaned from the original project file?
    Even if I saved project file and raw/converted footage in one folder on the external wouldn't it be much slower than how we used to do it?
    I was planning on getting my MBP with a 7200rpm internal, partitioning it like I did my RAID and then working my projects all on the internal, (partitioned of course apps on one part/projects & scratch on the other), then using my 800 7200 firewire as backup and storage until burn off time.
    My question is this...have things changed so much I am better off just using my HD for apps/system and using the firewire external as scratch/writing/rendering/etc?
    I don't want to save and work on my project files on my internal then save it to my external (to join my raw/converted footage),at the last minute. I want my project files to start out and end up with my raw/converted files so there is no chance of "orphaning" them later.
    Let me know what you think, I am a bit confused and need clarification.
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    The "recommended" way is to keep the small project file on your main internal HD and everything else on a different drive. Your internal HD is busy enough running the computer, the editing software and anything else you have open at the time (widgets included) without adding the burden of raw video, transitions, filters and audio playback to it. Kinda like why they started using dual processors in the first place, two brains are better than one. I go a step further and put my render files on different drive from my raw footage to split up the duty even further.

    You can keep everything on your main drive if you're editing on the go without an external, but you'll probably notice a performance bump splitting it up as recommended.
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    It is better if you get an external FW800 drive for this, as saving your media files on your boot disk is not recommended. Even partitioning wouldn't help, as it is the same physical drive, just a different volume/partition.

    It's always better to have a dedicated drive just as a scratch disk.

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