Alu Macbook video crashes with Spore

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by mrJnC, Nov 3, 2008.

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    Jul 18, 2007
    Hello all,

    I tried searching for this scenario here, at the EA Spore forums, and the Apple support forums.

    I have a 2.4GHz Aluminum Macbook, completely stock (2GB of RAM).

    I've noticed that when playing Spore that the Macbook will heat up to the point where the video display will go completely dark. The game is still active on the CPU, but since there is no video, it is impossible to gracefully exit the game when this occurs. The graphic response rates seem to become slower and laggy until this failure occurs. It is most prone to this when in the Space age segment of Spore, and takes about a couple of hours to lose video. I have the current updated version of Spore for the Mac.

    The Macbook is attached to a wall charger, as well as to a USB optical mouse. It is on a plastic surfaced table with nothing obstructing the back of the MacBook. I've also tried elevating the Macbook for better cooling but it doesn't seem to help.

    After a hard restart, I'm noticing temps of about 70 degrees C, but the fan doesn't go beyond 2000 rpm.

    (During this period, I had noticed a couple of scenarios when the Macbook was closed to sleep, it seemed to be in a thermal runaway situation even without the mouse attached. The overheating during sleep problem seems to have remedied itself when I reset the SMC. But I have to wonder if a thermal runaway has damaged something.)

    So, given the above info would you say that this is due to:
    A. Spore being a bit buggy (Are other folks experiencing this?) or
    B. Some hardware defect with the Macbook

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    Mar 23, 2005
    I'm my limited testing I've noticed that the new Aluminium MacBook fans are tied more so to the CPU temperature then the chipset. A lot of users have commented on how much quieter the new MacBooks are as well.

    With that in mind my tests showed that the fans wouldn't perk up from their 2000 RPM idle speed until the CPU hit ~200° F. At full load the fans would continue to spin up until the typical 6200 RPM maximum. Once there the CPU temperature would drop back down to a more typical 170-180° F.

    The only suggestions I have right now is finding a fan control program that works the new laptops and giving Apple a call about your overheating problem.

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