Aluminum MacBook upgrade RAM issue


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Aug 2, 2012
I can not figure this one out.

I have a Aluminum Macbook Late '08 with the 2Gb of RAM it came with. I've been trying to upgrade it to 4GB for over a year now. First I got some 3rd party Ram from the store. Popped them in and everything was fine for bout a day. Kernel Panic started happing. First every few hours then it was like every 10 mins. Took them out and put the old RAM in and everything was fine.

Now here it is a year and a half later and I tried them again. The Macbook took them better this time, but Kernel Panic only happen every 2 days. Not happy with that I took them out and put the old ones in. That week on Craigslist saw some RAM pretty cheap and out of another Macbook. These are the Samsung ones from Apple so I thought they would work. A day after putting them in one of my USBs dies then my laptop started getting stuck on the blue screen when booting up and it would freeze up once a hour. The freeze ups would show pink snowy lines.

I can not figure it out. Each time I run the TechTool Deluxe that came with my Macbook and it says the RAM is good. I also reset the PRAM every time.

I've been on Snow Leopard this whole time.

Any help? I don't know if I should buy RAM for the third time or should I upgrade to ML and see if that solves it.

2GB of RAM is not cutting it these days....:rolleyes:


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Jan 18, 2006
I thought I read that you can put up to 8 GB in the 2008 MacBook.

Has anyone had any luck doing this? What did you use?

I have the original 2 GB but with Mountain Lion now I could use some extra space.


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Mar 17, 2009
The late 2008 Aluminum (unibody) MacBook will take 8GB of 1066 mhz PC3-8500 RAM. Your best bet is to get it from OWC.
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