"Always on" M9 motion co-processor now embedded into A9 chip in iPhone 6s

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Crunch, Oct 8, 2015.

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    Dear fellow iPhone lovers,

    Watching Phil Schiller introduce the new iPhone 6s during the keynote, I was struck how he put emphasis on the fact that the M9 motion co-processor is now embedded in the A9 CPU, and also that it is always on.

    Seeing how much mass surveillance is going on, it may not even matter, but what do you guys think about the "always-on" part? Where's the "secure enclave" ? Is Apple still the best (or least evil anyway) choice for privacy and security?

    Thanks for any insight.

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    If this is a concern for you, I would like you to think about a couple other things that people conveniently forget...

    1 - You have bills in your name.
    2 - You have bank accounts in your name.
    3 - You have credit cards in your name.
    4 - You file taxes.
    5 - You have utilities in your name.
    6 - You own a car and have insurance, registration, title.. etc.
    7 - You have a mobile carrier account.
    8 - You own ANY mobile device.
    9 - You're probably on a social network.
    10 - You own a home.
    11 - You pay rent.

    Those are just a few. Any questions?
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    Worried about a chip that collects location data? It's in a cell phone with a radio transmitter. You can be located if you carry any powered on cell phone. As far as sharing the logged data, it's up to you to only giver location info to apps you trust.
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    The M9 was always on before, but now integrated into the SoC it's more power efficient. I believe the only information it tracks is steps and flights climbed using the barometer. Location data is something different. You can visit Apple's new privacy site to read about how they divide up your map data so that its obfuscated and impossible to determine start and end points from an external perspective.
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