Am I Crazy for Wanting a Macbook

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by magicschoolbus, May 6, 2016.

  1. magicschoolbus macrumors 65816


    May 27, 2014
    Am I crazy for wanting the new Macbook?

    Currently, I have a 2012 MBP, no retina, but it does have a 2.9 i7 with 8 gigs of ram (upgradable to 16 gigs). Honestly I love the laptop I currently have - and there is nothing wrong with it!

    Am I just craving a new device? I know it has a lower res front cam (a non issue for me), but I am desiring something thats super portable for light MS office work and google doc work and checking emails. I know my Macbook pro can do all of these things..Am I crazy? I am very frugal and rarely buy things I don't need, but the more I go into NYC for work (two times a week at this point) and the more I travel for my job - i feel like I am suddenly seeing a need for this in my life.
  2. where is it macrumors 6502

    where is it

    Jun 19, 2012
    I went from a similar age but retina MBP.

    You will probably get a bit of a speed bump to boot as well as a super sexy laptop.

    Worth the switch, the screen real estate, weight and performance are all worth it.

    Give the keyboard a try in the Apple Store to make sure you like it.

    Other than that - go for it!
  3. coelacanth macrumors 6502

    Jul 19, 2004
    I travel internationally for work, work from coffee shops, and carry my laptop everywhere. Lightweight Adobe Illustrator, writing documents and emails, researches, and some slightly heavier tasks like quick photo editing or batch processing things here and there. I've been a MacBook Air user ever since the very original one Steve Jobs pulled out of an envelop. I really can't go back to anything heavier than 11" MBA at this point, and I just switched to rMB 2016 (m5) and very happy with it. As a reference point, it replaced my 2013 11" MBA with i7, which developed hinge/battery issue and now serving as my desktop machine at home. My 2013 MBA is snappier than the rMB, but for my work rMB is more than powerful enough.

    For the work what you described, rMB should work great for you. Once you travel with MBA 11 sized laptop, it's really hard to go back to anything bigger/heavier. Your MBP is gonna be noticeably snappier (if you have an SSD in there) than even the top-end m7 rMB, but if you don't need the ultimate speed when you are on the go, I think it's a a pretty logical choice.
  4. magicschoolbus thread starter macrumors 65816


    May 27, 2014
    I guess whats bothering me is throughout my whole life i've been told there's difference between a want and a need.. this really isn't something I need.. mores want, and i feel like I am trying to justify the purchase. Is having two laptops a little over-doing it? I really just use it for MS Office, emailing.. etc
  5. mac8867 macrumors 6502

    Apr 5, 2010
    Saint Augustine, FL
    I was totally in your shoes a couple years ago. Craving the sleeker thinner retina. I bought it, and never looked back. In fact, it's unlikely Apple (given recent product releases) is going to release anything awe inspiring beyond the rMBP any time soon. I keep seeing the "new models" and have yet to think I need the extra 0.1 GHz speed bump. I say do it, you'll save yourself the anxiety for next several years.
  6. Koudspeel macrumors regular


    Apr 8, 2013
    I'd advise you against it to be honest. You're in this luxurious position of 'not needing'. Just hold off the Macbook and follow the rest of the rumors like we all do. Eventually your current Macbook will get either slower or gets a defect and you have a good reason to upgrade. And by that time there are even slimmer and faster MacBooks.
  7. magicschoolbus thread starter macrumors 65816


    May 27, 2014
    Thanks guys - I might wait and see what the new pros look like and make my decision off of that. Either way, I will probably wind up with the macbook now or down the road.. but given its only a few weeks away, It might be better to wait it out just to see.
  8. cursedearth macrumors member

    Sep 13, 2011
    I'm of the opinion that the new rMB caters to consumers who 1. Don't need powerful machines to accomplish daily tasks and 2. (If you fall under the first category) Consumers who are looking to get into the Apple eco system for the first time.

    I'm a first time Macbook user and purchased the rMB and it happily fits into my daily work/ personal schedule of performing non-intensive everyday tasks.

    That being said, since this is more of a want than a need and since you already have a pretty powerful machine in the form of the MBP I'd suggest holding off the purchase unless your laptop fails on you which was my case after my 7 year old laptop committed suicide, which is why I had to get a new laptop. Wouldn't have bothered otherwise.

    In your case, you're really just paying for portability and good looks more than anything and the rMB doesn't come cheap either .
  9. magicschoolbus thread starter macrumors 65816


    May 27, 2014
    True, I am probably just lusting over the design of it all. In design terms, mine is fairly old.. but the internals are very quick. It really is to bad - if it were just a little lighter I probably wouldn't be looking at the macbook at all.

    I know that if I put an SSD in my current machine and upgrade the ram, it will be a full on beast.
  10. DougFNJ macrumors 65816


    Jan 22, 2008
    It's nice to have decisions like these be our problems, right? :)

    Keep in mind, you could always sell your 13" and put that money towards the 12" which would make the change a lot easier on the wallet.

    I sold my 13" and went with the 12" because I was not using my MacBook as much for video edits. I am honestly not suffering from any slower speeds, no lag, beautiful screen, and my bag is now much lighter. I can still do the light editing, and it is working fine.
  11. cursedearth macrumors member

    Sep 13, 2011
    Don't blame you for wanting it. Apple's shiny new products can do that although in your case, not all that shines is gold. Unless you get the gold rMB.

    I'll show myself out .
  12. Ovedius macrumors 6502


    Aug 2, 2012
    Nuts! You should get sectioned.

    I went from waiting for a Skylake Pro to instead ordering a Skylake MacBook.

    Realised that I do absolutely sod all of importance on my computer.
    I've had a couple of quad core laptops and I have done nothing to warrant owning such hardware.
    Also I HATE fan noise so heavy laptop gaming is out of the question.

    So I did the only logical thing: went insane.
  13. where is it macrumors 6502

    where is it

    Jun 19, 2012

    I don't understand this comment.

    The Macbook is for customers who don't need a powerful machine?

    The Macbook IS a powerful machine. You can do everything on it. You can make a fortune just through this one tool.

    Suggesting it isn't powerful is very short sighted. Granted you might struggle to play some fancy game on it but thats what Xboxes and Playstations are for.

    I have a MBP too, playing demanding gaming software just causes the fans to kick in, there loud, annoying and noisy.

    However, forgetting silly games.

    If you want to start a business or run a software, design or publishing business then get the Macbook. It's more than capable.

    Don't look at specs. Look at your ideas and what you need to do to get them done. The Macbook is just a link in the chain.
  14. GoldfishRT macrumors 6502


    Jul 24, 2014
    I get the desire for something more portable but yeah, that 2.9 i7 from 2012 still performs really solidly in comparison with the more modern stuff. With 16GB of ram and a cheap SSD you'd have quite the performer for years to come.

    Honestly putting in an SSD into it, it'll seem like an all new computer anyway. So my vote goes for that.
  15. RUGGLES99 macrumors 6502

    Feb 9, 2015
    you are definitely neurotic and lonely. save the 1300 and see a shrink. mho
  16. TigerMSTR macrumors regular

    Sep 30, 2014
    You don't need two laptops. If you buy the MacBook, you'll end up using one laptop while the other gathers dust.

    If you want the MacBook I recommend selling your Pro.
  17. RUGGLES99 macrumors 6502

    Feb 9, 2015
    i get that urge and even tho we have 1rmb, 1 13" mba, 1 11" mba, 1 asus chromebook, 1 lenovo yoga thinkpad 12, i saw the lenovo yoga 3 po at a great price and bought. so do it, dude. you know you want it bad.
  18. toddzrx macrumors 6502a


    Nov 20, 2012
    I think it would be wise to wait until WWDC just to see what Apple releases; redesigned Pros are expected but certainly not guaranteed (only Apple really knows and all that.....).

    If I were in your shoes, I'd be comparing a 2015 MB vs 2016 MB vs SSD/RAM upgrade to what you have now. Run the numbers on how much that would cost, including selling your Pro to put towards a MacBook. Looks like you can get around $500 or $600 for your current machine (quick eBay price check), so that amount towards a 2015 MB is only a few hundred out of pocket costs. Not that bad for something that's way lighter and has the better screen. I would definitely go with the SSD/RAM upgrade if you decide to keep the Pro; I've got a 2010 iMac that I put an SSD in, and I'm still very happy with it's performance.

    And don't sell yourself short on wants vs. needs. Yes, there are a lot of fanbois on here that probably upgrade every year due to what I call "shinynewthing-itis", but treating yourself every couple of years is probably a good thing if you can afford it.
  19. izzyfanto macrumors regular


    Nov 22, 2011
    Yep, it seems this scenario is a common occurrence.
    Yep. If you need power, wait for the new MBP.
  20. cursedearth macrumors member

    Sep 13, 2011
    Basing your debate on just one aspect is what I'd call short sighted. Gaming credentials is not the only thing that determines power. There are links to the rMP playing games such as GTA 5 and Warcraft. However, there are other real world tasks that the rMP can get through, but not as quickly and seamlessly as its more efficient counterpart, the MBP, such as video/ photo editing.

    Although, the OP isn't really talking about running games, editing video/audio or 'run a software, design or publish business'. His/her main concern is that want outweighs necessity in this case. Being a MBP owner already, there's no need to burn an expensive hole in the pocket for day to day tasks that are already being handled by the MBP.
  21. where is it macrumors 6502

    where is it

    Jun 19, 2012

    Oh there is.
  22. Hellhammer Moderator emeritus


    Dec 10, 2008
    Given OP's usage, he might as well use a PowerBook to handle the tasks as checking email and writing docs is something than any computer from the past two decades can do. However, in this case the question isn't about performance, but portability, meaning that it's not about a want but whether the MacBook is worth it given OP's travel-intensive lifestyle.

    OP, I would wait and see what the new MBPs bring since you're not in an urgent need, but given your usage the MacBook would be perfect given that it is the most portable Mac ever.
  23. cursedearth macrumors member

    Sep 13, 2011
    You might've missed the part where he doesn't know if just portability would warrant the purchase since his MBP runs just fine. Frugal being the operative word in the OP's post.
  24. maflynn Moderator


    Staff Member

    May 3, 2009
    Perhaps, I think on paper the MB is great computer and one that may fit my needs, but every time I visit the apple store, I'm amazed at how small the display looks - too small for my needs.
    I think the MB is a fantastic computer but there's a number of sacrifices it makes in the name of size/thinness and battery life. Those design decisions work against what I'm looking for in a computer.
  25. joker00 macrumors member

    Apr 30, 2011
    I did it.
    Sold my 2012 rMBP With SSD and 16GB. Got the 2016 m7 rMB.

    This is mostly for work and roaming the house. I have a Mac Pro on my desk.
    For me it's all about size. An iPad didn't make me happy with word, excel, web browsing - work stuff. I definitely need a computer.

    Size on MB is great. It's light, don't even know it's in my bag when traveling. The speed is Greg with all the work apps. I loaded parallels and run Visio without a problem. I also was playing civ V, not to bad.

    Glad I made the change.

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