Am I crazy or is this article ridiculous?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by TonyC28, Apr 24, 2010.

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    Aug 15, 2009
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    Feb 5, 2009
    Future Shock dies hard. Apple's got the next 5-7 years in computing figured out (if not the next decade) and people still can't conceive of what's going on. They can't believe that one company has such a keen inside track on consumer tech, and they don't believe it's sustainable. They'll find out quite soon how wrong they are.
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    Sounds about right. Remember, it's not written for the consumer/market share perspective, it's written for the investor. Like the author said in point 1, stock prices HAVE gone way up, but that doesn't mean they will continue to.
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    Apple is firing on all cylinders. Their Mac business is growing and growing big. Their iPhone business is growing and growing big. Their iPod business is still very profitable and moving in excellent numbers. Their iPad business looks to be a winner. Their overseas sales numbers are growing at a pretty nice clip.

    There will always be those who want to write about the doom and gloom.
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    I actually agreed with much of the article. In fact back in the threads about Apple suing companies that allow OSX to be used on non-Apple hardware I said that they may want to be careful what they do. I said this because they have everyone's sympathy now but fast forward to when they're the "next Microsoft" and it will be just a matter of time before they're sued for trying to drive out competition. Yeah, I know they give OSX away for "free" with their hardware and don't have a business model in place to sell software but really it's not "their" hardware like it used to be. It's the same hardware as everyone else just assembled with better attention to detail and in much better thought out cases.
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    Yup. That article, while being quite pessimistic, has a lot of good and true points.

    That guy is probably also sour grapes because he didn't buy the shares before the iPad announcement.
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    Of course you would like it... you like anything that paints Apple in a negative light.....

    Yeah this reason is good for stock holders to worry about? Really?

    At least he finishes it up with "No one knows the future". Really no kidding.

    This is bad? It might be if the writer were to say something like, how can they keep this up etc.. but know he goes on to write about how this is as big as companies xyz all put together. Ok.......

    The cellular statement makes me wonder. When did Apple dictate how much the monthly "all you can use"? Wasn't it $30.00 long before Apple came around. Also, name another company that doesn't give away there phones or has there phones hugely subsides?

    Trust me I am no Apple fan boy but the article, whether or not it is for "serious" investors or not does seem a little slanted. Especially when you read something from Barrons and it always mentions selling the CEO's underwear as a means to judge a company. Yeah ok, this just reads like a professional investors tool.

    The one thing I can agree with, is how long this will last. That one nobody knows.
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    How blind can they be? This just shows that anyone will put anything on the internet to get views. Just like any Microsoft based company will release ANY piece of crap and poorly designed computer to make a few bucks.

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