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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Powerbookdriver, Jul 11, 2006.

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    I own a G4 Powerbook 1.67/100g/1.5 ram and I have a close friend who has a 15 MBP. I have spent an great deal of time using his MBP and comparing it to my G4. Ok I know that it is faster and all that jazz, however, I don't think it really is that much faster. Now of course it is but to me I am not that impressed that I'm willing to give up my G4. You see he is offering to give me the MBP if I give up the G4. No kidding.

    Here is the deal we have sat the two computers side by side and went down the list, and truthfully other than the isight and the fact that it is thinner, I haven't really been that impressed. Now, the MBP is wonderful, and a great computer, I'm just not the keep up with the Jones' kind of guy. I guess what I am saying is maybe there are those out there who are driving those Rev d+ G4's who are wondering about upgrading. I'm not at least until the 2007 model's come out, or maybe not.

    By the way, I use the gambit, Photoshop cs2, Aperture, etc. and I don't have issues with speed.

    Just wondering!
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    Well, CS2 will run at least as fast, probably significantly faster, on your machine since it's running in Rosetta on a MBP. BareFeats has the graphs that show if it's an operation that uses both cores the better performance and multiprocessing can ALMOST make up for the emulation, but not quite. In everything else, the G4 has the advantage by a significant margin.

    With Aperature, however, the MBP should run rings around your computer, since it's native and on the MBP it has two (faster) cores to play with and a better graphics card. Does your frend's MBP only have 512MB of RAM or something? I'd expect with 2GB the difference would be immediately noticible under Aperature.

    As for everything else, I doubt there's a huge difference because both computers are plenty fast for "average" stuff--that is, isn't going to run appreciably different, because it's generally waiting for you, not the other way around.

    In multitasking (if you do a lot of that) the two cores in the MBP will make a noticible difference, however, since it can devote an entire processor to something and still have one left over for you to work with.
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    Whatever works for you...

    There's no doubt that the MBP is WAY faster than the PB.
    However, if your PB works for you, why bother with an upgrade?
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    funniest thing i have heard all day!

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