Am I just lucky?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Raikun, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. Raikun macrumors regular

    Apr 8, 2008
    Woke up 5:00AM on friday, went to my local high street (north finchley) and noticed a line of about 20 people outside the O2 store, and thinking that it was a small store with probably only 8-10 16gbs I almost threw in the towel, feeling crushed and drove off with my dad to my local shopping mall to see if I had any luck there.

    Turned up at brent cross, dad dropped me off outside the back entrance doors, and in excitement I sprinted forwards towards the O2 store. There were only abotu 11 people in front of me, in a HUGE depaato I thought I had hit the jackpot. Still, I was wary that there might not be enough 16gb blacks.

    10 seconds, literally, later, a bunch of people (abotu 100) piled up behind me in one go, all had been redirected from the apple store because they wanted to upgrade from the iphone 2g.

    So, I beat the line.

    My dad came and took my place while I decided to check out the seemingly MASSIVE queue at the apple store.

    So I ran all the way there in excitement (other side of the mall), and was greeted with a line of ... 8... people.

    I was 9th and 11th in both queues.

    Got a call from my dad saying that O2 had 30 16gbs so I was guaranteed one there, but they had no cases or things like that for sale. I asked the apple people at the apple store what stock they had and they told me (enough), and when it got to 8:02 i was even filmed by a tv crew and asked a few questions.

    Got in, got my dad to come from O2 so as to not take a phone from the upgraders and was greeted by the most friendly service ever, free (but disgusting) coffee, and smiles and laughing and clapping everywhere. The apple store staff even (because they said they liked me), let me take out an iphone 3g and play around with it for ages.

    Yes, I was stuck in the system shutdown, but apple were kind enough to reserve my iphone upstairs in the back for me amd told me to come in the next day, when I did and got everything activated and ready in less than 15 mins, beating the MASSIVE queue outside.

    Got home, opened it up, and it was PERFECT. NO yellow screen. NO scratches. Activated INSTANTLY. Build quality excellent. I was well chuffed.

    Since, I've only needed to charge it twice, with heavy usage. I've had no problems, and I bought the vmoda black headphones / in ear headset for 70 quid which are AMAZING, and the incase leather case, and a screen protector, and since I 've had no scratches or anything of teh sort.

    Am I just lucky? :D

    I've loved how things have happened for me.

    *touch wood*
  2. bluelondon macrumors regular

    Jul 17, 2008
    yes you are lucky mate.

    being a perfectionist, i demand nothing less than...well, perfection, when i spend hundreds of dollars on a product. that means no scratches, no yellow tints, no weird noises or cracks and chips. i remember when i bought my black 60gig ipod a couple years ago, i had to return it to the apple store 3 times! because of HD problems, scratches and so forth.

    i mean apple always exchange products without much fuss, they are pretty cool when it comes to that, but i just felt that we always take a gamble buying apple products, you just never know whether you're gonna be one of the lucky ones, or the unfortunate ones who gets the defective unit.

    anyway back to the ipone 3g. so i go to my local apple store here in california on saturday 12th. i already drove past it on launch day friday and saw a queue or around 200 people and kept driving. so on saturday i see around 10-15 people. the store had plenty of units so i just stood in line, wasn't in any rush. i was in the store in about 20 minutes. took another 15-20 minutes to get my iphone activated with at&t, and that was it. i was out the store and felt like a kid again.

    besides the fact that i love my new iphone, i'm just glad that things went smoothly for once.


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