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    Jul 5, 2010
    I wont lie, I am a Mac Fanboy lol!

    in 2010 i bought an entry level Macbook unibody and it lasted me a week before the hard drive went and it was un-restorable, gave it back to the shop (a local authorised retailer) who kept it for 3 weeks as their repair centre was about 300 miles away. When it finally came back, it came back with a whole new fault! needless to say i demanded a refund and that was the end of the matter!

    I actually went on to use my aging g3 ibook, the 900mhz processor one, the one that was famed as being the least reliable mac laptop ever, with displays dying and needing people to put candles on chips to breath life back in... That died on a hot day in the end.. but lets be fair to the thing, I bought it faulty for like £12 and just had to preform a P-Ram reset and the thing just burst into life

    anyway i digress,

    about 4 days ago I bought an Early 2011 Macbook Pro 15" with i7 goodness and a good discount brand new! That lasted one day! I left it transferring some files whilst i took my son out for a drive to settle him to sleep. came back and the White light was flashing :/ I tried the reset as described on the apple support website and nothing.. just a flashing white light, luckily i bought it from a major electrical retailer who have just taken it back without question and am waiting for a replacement to be delivered today!

    Ironic thing is, my desktop, the one which I am sat on typing this to you on is a Dual 2,7 G5 Power Mac, the one that was famous for leaking coolant over the logic board, the one that was famed for its unreliability! and its working fine and has never dropped any coolant!

    so I guess I must live in opposite land, where brand new things break and old things that are either vintage or obsolete work perfectly fine!

    (might have to go change the Golf GTi sat out front for a Ford Model T)

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    Jul 29, 2011
    Somewhere Back In The Long Ago
    This Is Going To Sound Crazy

    And YES all, I know about grounding etc. Many years ago I worked with a certain female singer who shall remain nameless here.

    She was SO prone to huge static retention (she could hold a finger 3 inches from your face and you could literally see the spark jump) that she could not touch a computer.......If she did, bye bye HDD EFI etc.

    We got her a wrist strap which she uses today, and now she has no problems. It's a common problem, have a Google if interested, but if you do get a new Mac, get a strap too.
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    Jul 5, 2010
    I don't think its due to static energy!
    I have taken hundreds of computers apart and have never had a device fail, i use a pc at work and its never failed on me.. mobile, I am 16 months on with a HTC Desire and its still working!

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