Am I making a mistake?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by dlastmango, Apr 28, 2014.

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    Hello, I'm considering a new MacBook Pro. My usual system over the past many years is the 13" with DVD drive. I'm wondering if I'm making a mistake by buying the current 2012 13" with DVD and not going with the 13" retina. It will mainly be a road computer for my job. Mainly video work where capturing HD video requires a good deal of storage or converting clients videos for use in a live event we are doing. This may end up being a primary system at home replacing my Mac mini 2.3 quad i7 that holds my music and 30,000+ family photos. ( might consider placing them on an external so I only have access to those at home)

    Here are my thoughts...

    - I can easily upgrade the ram and HD as need be. I would easily upgrade to 8gb of ram right away and maybe go to SSD in the future.

    - I could swap the internal DVD drive to add an extra hard drive if I need more internal space.

    Is there much speed/performance I am missing out on by staying with the older chipset? What the difference between the two?

    Is there anything else I need to think about?

    If it's possible, I'd love to install snow leopard on a separate partition on the 2012 DVD model if it would let me. (A nice to hav for some tasks that I know don't work in anything newer)

    Thanks for your comments
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    If you need space and performance and don't use your SuperDrive often, going with an SSD for booting/applications and HDD for storage is a good way to go. If you'll be frequently using the DVD drive, and you don't want to carry it separately, consider a hybrid SSD/HDD such as this.

    GPU performance on the 13-inch Retina is much better, especially if your video editing application(s) can take advantage of OpenCL. However, you would have to consider the trade-offs of fixed storage and RAM.

    Unfortunately, this is not possible.
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    Apr 11, 2014
    Yes. Technology is outdated even when it is first announced because while they're selling Haswell they're making Broadwell.

    I would buy the latest technology. Buying an older model only means you'll want to upgrade sooner

    my 2 cents
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    Hey OP:

    I picked up my rMBP a few days ago. I deliberated between it and the MBA for sometime before finally going with the Retina. I would definitely recommend it, it is such a nice system and the display does not disappoint.

    Good Luck!!
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    I think you need to decide whether upgradability is worth spending money on outdated technology. Personally, I'd go with either a MacBook Air, or the rMBP if you really want the retina screen. Just my $.02 but if you max out the memory what is the likelihood if you wanting/needing more ram in the future - probably nil

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