Am I paying too much for my App Develpment?


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Apr 28, 2015
Hi Folks,

I'm sorry if this isnt the right place to post but I am appealing to professional app devs to help me benchmark a £150k developer quote i've been given.

I have asked a developer firm to build me an app with a few key components;

1. iOS app
- custom build
- integrated with google maps
- shows realtime data on the map like traffic flow
- shows location specific information like reviews on a park / park website etc
- allows user to contact park authority (call), hail a cab (Uber integration)
- shows offers / events the park has on directly in the app
- has all the usual profile editing / settings page

2. Online analytics Platform
- Parks can access online platform that gives them useful data on the parks use and the type of people in the parks
- Park can push advertising to the app users (offers etc)
- All the usual accounting elements / integration for payment

3. Integrate the two elements with an electronic device (Camera - used for data capture) and decipher/publish useful data from it.

Thats the main jist. It has to be very attractive UI and fluid to use.

The people I am talking with has proposed a £150,000 development cost and an 8 month development time.

Does this sounds right to you guys? I dont have anything to benchmark this on as this is the first app I have developed. I know there is a lot to do but it seems like quite a lot to be paying? Can anyone give me an idea of how much they feel something like that would cost and why my developers would feel 150k is justified?

Any help would be hugely apprecaited!

Thanks a lot!


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Nov 26, 2007
You gave your price in pounds... That's about the same as $200K USD, I think.

That sounds fine and realistic to me.


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Apr 16, 2015
Could be lower

as @dyt1983 suggested you should opt for couple of more quotes from different agencies and that will help you understand the costing structure. Price can differe from agency to agency depending on their expertise and location.
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Feb 10, 2014
London, UK
Considering it's 8 months of development time and you're paying for a team of developers to make this app - well, I don't know the specific details of your project but that definitely sounds realistic.

Keep in mind that the company you're contracting to do this essentially has to pay their development team's salaries using this money so it definitely makes sense.

Regardless, definitely get at least 3 quotes before embarking on a project like this.


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Jul 29, 2003
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This type of hi-end full-featured iOS app can take longer than you think, and thus end up costing you even more than your estimate to finish. You will be paying enough for a company to hire or subcontract 2 to 4 people on-and-off for 6 to 12+ months. What's the salary range for experienced professional software types and UI/UX designers in London these days? It's not pence.


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Jun 18, 2015
Don't forget to budget for support of the app once it's built. As a rough guide, you should budget around another 50% of the development cost for ongoing support, bug-fixes and improvements