Am I under warranty or not

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  1. basketball762 macrumors regular

    Mar 20, 2009
    Okay so I need to take in my iPhone 3g 8gb. There are a couple problems with it. First, no headphones will fit in it. None of them. Second, the silent button on the side of the phone is very sensitive it when I walk I will keep feeling it vibrating. Last, the back of the phone near the USB area it is cracking. Some of the casing has fell off. My question is am I covered through the limited warranty? How about the warranty you purchase? I don't know if I got the extra warranty or not. Thanks a bunch in advance!
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    It has an included 1 year warranty. I suggest going here and scheduling an appointment to have it checked out. They will hopefully replace it.
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    How do no headphones fit it? Its a normal 3.5mm jack

    If the casing coming off, Apple might help you out there, depends if its user damage or faulty hardware. And the same thing with the switch, Apple may or may not help you. The advance warrenty vs standard won't make much of a difference...since its all been under a year either way.

    I'd suggest a trip to your local Apple store, and just ask them. They'll know best. And if things go wrong there, you can look into other routes(calling AppleCare, 3rd party fixes)
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    I would give Apple a call or if your near a Apple retail store make appointment , my silent key broke and they replace it.
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    Check your iPhone warranty

    You might want to check the warranty first before sending it to the store.


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