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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by bob5820, Oct 28, 2006.

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    I've been thinking about getting into digital photography with a DSLR. While I'm still trying to make up my mind as to which body / lens(es) to go with I got to wondering about the software. My understanding is that most people are using management software and editing software. To begin with, beyond storing photos what is the purpose of management software, and what does Aperture offer over iPhoto. From reading the Aperture page, versioning seems to be a plus that makes sense to me, but what else makes it worth the $ investment? What about editing software, what am I giving up by using elements rather then PS, and are any of these things that I'm giving up important to an armature or are they functions that are usually reserved for pro level work. If I go with Elements and decide to move up to PS at a latter date do I need to relearn everything. What I'm asking here is elements a stripped down PS or is it completely different with its own way of doing things. I guess I should more clearly define amateur, though I'm not quite certain I have t clearly defined in my own mind. I guess I'm looking at shooting with purpose, both the purpose of my project and for the purpose of becoming a better photographer. The only projects I am currently contemplating is a web page for the local off leash dog park, and nature photos for my own walls (good enough for my walls because its my photo, but not necessarily the next cover shot for National Geographic :) ). While I'd value input from pro and advanced amateurs what I'm looking for here is more of a "I want to make the leap, but where do I start" kind of thing. Lastly can anyone recommend good web sites for starting out with a DSLR.
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    If you're shooting JPEGs in Large size, Fine Quality, then using iPhoto isn't bad at all. Elements is more than adequate for you, I'm sure, as is iPhoto for now. Like with all things in life, if you don't see the benefit, then don't buy it. Buy it once you realize you can't do things without spending money on something new. Aperture is essentially something that keeps track of photos. iPhoto does the same thing, even for people with thousands of photos. It works for many people, and may even work for you. A better camera does not mean better software is necessary......or at least it shouldn't be.

    And if you really want to try software, try a demo of Adobe Lightroom Beta 4.1, Capture One (which many pros still use because it works on older hardware and they had been using it for years), or iView Media Pro.
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    At this point I would organize with iPhoto and edit with Adobe Elements.

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