Amazon $20 off Electronics coupon.

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    fifiluvr macrumors newbie

    Jul 26, 2011
    For people looking to buy some Apple stuff for the holidays: Amazon has a new $20 off coupon for electronics:

    Link: Special Offer

    "Amazon offers $10 off $100 on Electronics & Toys + additional $10 off $50 in Future Savings on Electronics & Toys when you enter coupon code WLG2FB7X and use Master Card as payment today. [Terms & Conditions]"

    Hope that helps! :apple::apple:
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    Thanks for the link. I am a big amazon shopper - bought my MBP there last year on black friday.

    Sadly, this discount require one to use Master Card. I only have a Visa card and to add insult to injury my Visa card is a Amazon/Chase card :mad: Well, at least my CC gets me triple points when shopping on Amazon :D
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    Jul 7, 2010
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    the Amazon ZERO interest is better

    I just bought a MacBook Pro 2 days ago on Amazon, and got it yesterday!
    I signed up for a trial of Amazon Prime, which gives free 2 day shipping, and only $3.99 for overnight. I also used an Amazon Credit card offer, which gives me 1 year INTEREST FREE to pay for it. If, like me, you qualify for less than the full amount (I got $1400 interest free credit), just first purchase an Amazon gift certificate for the balance, then apply the gift certificate first, and then put the remainder on the Amazon card. This is better than saving $10, although if you want an Apple TV, this would be a great offer. (Although you need to spend over $100). :apple:

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