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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Eric8199, Jan 5, 2010.

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    Hey guys,

    Looking at purchasing Applecare for both my wife's iPod Touch 2g and my iPhone 3gs. Looking on Amazon, they appear to be much cheaper. However, I'm concerned because the model numbers do not match up with Apple's. Is there a different Applecare plan for the original iPhone, the 3g and the 3gs? Or no?

    I'm especially interested in the iPod Touch one, because it's about half price, and I need to make a decision in a week or so.

    I'm hesitant on the iPhone, because I'm likely paying for an extra year for nothing, as I will get the new one after my two years is up.

    Will this plan work for my wife's 8gb iPod Touch 2g? (

    Will this plan work for my iPhone 3gs? (
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    My advice is to find the product that you want on Apple's website, put it in your cart, view your cart, write down the product number, and search for that product number on amazon/ebay rather than for the item that you wish to cover.

    It appears that the ipod Touch is correct for the 2nd generation, unclear about the 3rd generation. But, are you sure that you want the extended care for the Touch? It seems like the most likely things to go wrong are not covered?!? At only $30, maybe it's still worthwhile, especially if you're the type to use the phone support.

    I couldn't find a separate part number for the 3rd generation, so perhaps they just haven't modified it. For the iphone?'s a little more involved, but seems to be the same. Can you call Applecare to find out which part number is correct for the part numbers that you have?

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    My experience so far with purchasing AppleCare from third-parties for both iPhones and iPod Touches is that Apple has changed the model/SKU # of both "products" a few times (and who knows why...maybe a change of packaging -- I've seen both the current square-box versions as well as older and larger rectangular box versions -- or slight change of wording in the included, printed documentation?), but it doesn't matter. I've activated AppleCare for iPhone with different SKUs to current iPhones and it has always gone through.

    AppleCare for iPhone applies to ANY iPhone model, be it the original iPhone, 3G, or 3GS. Heck, my current AppleCare for iPhone doesn't even mention "3G" or "3GS" anywhere on or inside the always just says "iPhone," but it still registered to my 3GS. AppleCare for iPhone has always officially listed for $69 from Apple since day 1, which is why I think the part number doesn't seem to matter. I believe the same holds true for AppleCare for iPod Touch...price has been the same since day 1. If you can happen to get either AC for iPhone or Touch at less-than-retail, it should still register with Apple just fine, and more power to you.

    You will know right away that it doesn't work once you are in possession of the box. It's not like you hold onto the box until you need to make a claim, then come to find it's worthless. After you get the box, you'll open it up and find that there's a sheet of paper in there with a serial number printed on it. You need to go to Apple's web site, log in with your Apple ID, and then enter in the serial # of your Apple product and then the serial # of your AppleCare contract. The web site will validate it then-and-there.

    -- Nathan
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    Right on point.

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