Amazon Fail to redeemed on RAM plus 830 to 840

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by DougFNJ, Mar 27, 2013.

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    So I have been wanting to upgrade my Samsung SSD from 256 to 512 as I was running out of memory. I was back and forth on the 830 at $430 and 840 Pro at $490 - $525. From reviews and posts it looked like too slim a difference between the two. So I ordered the 830 along with 16 Gigs of RAM for my Mid 2012 Macbook Pro, upgraded version.

    I was expecting to receive it Monday by 8PM. Tracking number showed nothing, and it never arrived. When chatting with Amazon they said they could not see it, refunded my shipping and told me to wait until Wednesday the 27th by 8PM (Today), and if it didn't still didn't arrive, call them. I half expected it wouldn't, and of course it never showed. In the meantime I had seen the 840 Pro 512 GB listed for the same $430 as the 830, but it was expected to ship in 1-2 months. I had seen this deal before and saw a week later they were back in stock at full price, so I ordered it.

    I called Amazon customer service, and after expressing disappointment with the entire transaction, having talked on the phone for a half hour with a very pleasant rep and a great conversation, I am getting a $45 credit to my account, all shipping refunded, and next day applied to receive the RAM on Friday, a full refund for the 830, and the 840 Pro will be here Monday.

    SO in the end, I got the SSD I preferably wanted, the RAM, and the entire order ended up with all shipping refunds all being less than $480.

    Some can be quick to gripe about the bad experiences, I like to write about the good ones too. And also a tip, keep the 840 Pro in your Amazon Cart, the prices change almost daily, a little patience and you will get the price you want :)
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    Ummm I absolutely love amazon and their service. I stopped shopping newegg because amazon treats me so well.
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    Too many bad experience at Amazon, I try to avoid them... but they often have decent deals.

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