Amazon Kindle App for iOS Gains New Magazine Format, Support for Returning Kindle Unlimited Books

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    Amazon's Kindle app for iOS was today updated to version 6.6, introducing a handful of useful new features to those who read Amazon books on their iPhones and iPads.

    The updated version of the app features a new mobile-friendly format that's designed for magazines, and this new option comes shortly after rumors suggesting Apple is going to debut a subscription news service that would include magazines.

    For background, Apple recently purchased Texture, a service that provides unlimited access to more than 200 digital magazines for $9.99 per month.

    Amazon says that its new magazine-reading format is available for popular titles like Food Network, Cosmopolitan, Life & Style, Us Weekly, and 15 others to start with.

    Today's update also allows Prime Reading and Kindle Unlimited books to be returned using the Kindle for iOS app. A book can be returned by long pressing on a book cover from the bookshelf interface and choosing the "Return book" option.

    Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service that costs $9.99 per month and provides unlimited access to more than a million books, audiobooks, and magazines. Prime Reading, meanwhile, is a service that offers a smaller selection of content for free to Amazon Prime subscribers.

    Along with the new options for Kindle Unlimited and the magazine format, the new Kindle app update also includes a setting to allow you to enable the highlight menu so it displays whenever text is highlighted.

    The Kindle app for iOS can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Amazon Kindle App for iOS Gains New Magazine Format, Support for Returning Kindle Unlimited Books
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    Finally they let us return books from the app. Always annoying having to go through the process of finding the books on the website to return.
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    I wish I could buy books from the app like I can on the Android version of the app. But then Apple would demand a cut as an IAP and Amazon didn’t want to go that route. So I have to exit out and go to the web site or the Amazon App and look for the next book in a series there. :rolleyes:
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    Someone report the Kindle app on iOS for sending advertisements through push notifications, violating Apple’s App Store guidelines.

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    You can report it but what rule is violated? I could not find anything on Apple’s site indicating this was not allowed.
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    You can disable notifications for recommendations. You can also turn off all Goodreads notifications if you like.
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    I wish you could quit a book or comic without having to close the app and then reopen it on the iPad. Hopefully the new update will resolve this whenever it is available for the iPad.

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