Amazon Phone


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Dec 11, 2007
Amazon has an enormous advantage being the biggest online retailer in the world. Now, most Americans do buy their phones at carrier stores. However Amazon currently sells on-contract phones too, so I imagine they will offer a seamless experience to buy new phones on or off contract.

All they really need to do is provide a solid phone that competes with today's flagships. If their Android skin sucks, it will lead to negative reviews. If they skimp on specs (I don't think they will) they will hear the negative feedback.

An Amazon smartphone is long overdue and I expect it to be, at the very least, a respectable offering.


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Dec 16, 2011
Most will rip on the 3D capability, but I'm happy someone is experimenting with new things. Looking forward to seeing how this one pans out, even if it fails.
HTC and LG already had the phones and sold hem, so it isnt really new.


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Jun 28, 2012
HTC and LG already had the phones and sold hem, so it isnt really new.
Right, but that was three years ago and the idea didn't catch on. And from a tech standpoint, 3D should have better possibilities of being actually useful/enjoyable now. So essentially I mean 'new' as in - something new to the general pallette of smartphone capabilities today. Just changing things up a bit.


Oct 17, 2013
Central California
Nintendo 3DS also had glasses free experience about 2 years ago. DIdn't pan out.
A couple of TV manufacturers have added glasses free TV (expensive as they are) and it hasn't panned out.

I don't know if the technology is still evolving or if people just won't care until they are truly 'wowed' with a realistic experience, but I can say that a 720p display probably won't cut it right now. I personally would never buy an Amazon device, but I am glad to see that there are companies still pushing the tech forward. Hopefully, within this decade, we will get realistic glasses free 3d tech on all displays.


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Jun 18, 2009
City of Angels
The 3D here uses head tracking on a regular screen. There's no lenticular screen or beaming of separate images into each eye like the 3DS or those other phoens

But if it works well it could open up some cool new use cases