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Apr 12, 2001

We've been keeping track of deals on Apple products and tech accessories during Prime Day, and one of the best discounts overall is on Beats headphones.

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Starting with the Beats Studio Buds, these are being discounted to $89.99, down from $149.95. The newer Beats Studio Buds+ are on sale for $149.95, down from $169.95.

The Beats Solo3 Headphones are available for $108.95, down from $199.95 and the the Beats Studio3 Headphones are on sale for $159.99, down from $349.95.

Lastly, the Powerbeats Pro are available for $149.99, down from $249.95 and the Beats Flex are available for $39.00, down from $69.95. For most of these headphones, these are some of the lowest prices we've ever tracked on Amazon.

Keep up with all of this week's best discounts on Apple products and related accessories in our dedicated Apple Deals roundup.

Article Link: Amazon Prime Day: Beats Headphones Hit Best Prices of the Year So Far at Up to $190 Off


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Aug 22, 2018
The new Studio Buds+ have had some good reviews, and I've had a pair of Flex for a while, they've been an OK pair of wireless buds. I'd be open for a pair of Buds+ when I need a new wireless set over AirPods Pros.


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Jul 21, 2016
I always wondered if these sound better than AirPods Pro. Never got around to trying them out. I guess I probably should someday.
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