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Aug 27, 2017
Looking to get a tempered glass screen protector for my 7 plus off Amazon (in the UK). Looking at what's available, there's protectors costing £3 and some costing £10. However, when looking at the features and photos, they all seem exactly the same (quoting same phrases), however reviews are usually better for the more expensive ones (illusions of better quality with higher price?). Seems like it's all rebranding and the same underlying product. Is this correct?

Similar thing with clear cases it seems. Lots for very cheap ones with no branding, but more expensive ones with branding that look exactly the same.

Should I go with the more expensive stuff, I mean it's only £10 more all together and if it is better, it'll save potentially £100's of damage to my phone.



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Mar 23, 2003
Los Angeles, CA
They are all the same. The plastic ones are all the same stuff they put on helicopter blades at various levels of markup and the glass ones are just tempered glass. Some glass ones have a 2.5D rounded edge so that your fingers don't have that rough cutoff where the glass ends.

I got the glass ones for my 6 and 7 from Dollar Tree, seriously. and they looked better than the one my friend got from Best Buy for $40. You may find protectors marked for the 6 or 7 cheaper now that the 8 is out, but they are all the same size and shape. I got my 2.5D X protectors from Amazon for $6 for two and given how soft the X screen is, i'm glad I have them.


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Oct 6, 2016
I've came to the conclusion that there are companies that sell the same product under different names, pay attention to the boxes. The boxes are the same, just different names on them.

I just pay attention to how many come in a pkg now.
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Original poster
Aug 27, 2017
Yep, I think we're all in agreement here. They're all just rebranded stuff. Get the non-branded version. For those in the UK, I'd recommend eBay over Amazon. Take this for example, from Amazon:

£4.99 plus postage.

Compare to this, from eBay:

£0.99 and FREE shipping. Incredible how they make money!

They're exactly the same product.

eBay might also be a better option in the US, but I don't know.
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