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Apr 12, 2001

Amazon today has the 40mm GPS Apple Watch SE for $189.00, down from $249.00. This is just $10 higher compared to the all-time low price on the wearable, and it's available in the Silver, Midnight, and Starlight Aluminum Case options.

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You can also get the 44mm GPS Apple Watch SE on sale right now, available for $219.00 on Amazon, down from $279.00. This is another near all-time low price that's just $10 away from the lowest price on the Apple Watch SE, and it's available in Midnight and Starlight Aluminum options.

Additionally, both cellular models have hit record low prices this week on Amazon. The 40mm cellular Apple Watch SE is on sale for $239.00, down from $299.00, and the 44mm cellular model is on sale for $269.00, down from $329.00. You can find these all-time low prices available in multiple colors right now on Amazon.

This model of the Apple Watch SE launched in September 2022 and remains Apple's most affordable Apple Watch. The Apple Watch SE lacks some of the upgraded features you'll find in some Series 9 or Ultra 2 models, like temperature sensing and ECG functionality, but it will otherwise provide you with all key Apple Watch features, and at the cheapest price possible.


If you're shopping for the Apple Watch Series 9, there are a few options on Amazon right now as well. You can get the 45mm GPS model for $329.00 in (PRODUCT)RED, down from $429.00. The 41mm cellular model is available for $399.00 and the 45mm cellular model is available for $429.00, both of which are $100 off and all-time low prices.

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Article Link: Amazon's Apple Watch Sale Includes $60 Off 2nd Gen SE and $100 Off Series 9


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Jun 27, 2007
Are we getting an updated SE this autumn? I’m thinking about buying one for both of my grandparents. I worry about them falling. But I’m going to wait and see what new sensors get added to the 10. Hopefully they bring blood oxygen back, because that’s useful for them with Covid and pneumonia.

Blood pressure would be good since my grandpa has had issues with low blood pressure affecting his balance, which is why I want something that can call if he takes a spill. He’s 83 and still maintaining 10 acres, lol. I don’t think he would ever go into a special home. He always has to be building or fixing something! But I can’t blame him—I’m the same way! Although fortunately I don’t have 10 acres.

Another problem: I’m pretty sure he has an iPhone 7 so I would have to upgrade that too.


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Apr 16, 2023
Ok. Can we get the watch SE to include the qwerty keyboard?

Also, can we get activate/pair/manage with iPad?
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