AMD RX570 on Mac Pro 5.1 dose not speed up anything?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by cccyyyccc, Apr 25, 2018.

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    hey guys, I just put a new MSI RX 570 graphic card in my Mac Pro 5.1(2010) 6 core 3.33. And it DOES NOT speed up nothing. I wonder what's the problem here.

    I saw this blog and it says RX580 is natively supported by OS 10.12.6 and later. So I upgraded from El Capitan to Sierra 10.12.6. The RX570 works out of the box without boot screen but everything is fine, like the blog says. So I tested it with Premiere and Sony Catalyst Browse, both support openCL, and this card does not speed up anything, not rendering, not playback, not stabilization, not transcoding. (comparing with my previous ATI radeon HD5770). while these tasks (rendering, transcoding, playback), i use instrat to monitor the activity in GPU, and IT IS RESTING!?

    I also run it with Geekbench, and got nice score? 123460. so that means openCL works??

    also there's a PCI information error (in the picture)

    the blog i saw:

    Can anyone helps with this situation? Why it's not helping the video software, even all the software say support openCL? Thanks a lot!!

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    I'm not very familiar with Premiere, but is there a preference or configuration that you set to tell it to use a newly installed card?
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    In Premiere and Media Encoder you need to choose your renderer: OpenCL, CUDA, Metal or Software only. Not all will be available with an AMD card. In general, Adobe likes NVIDIA cards "better" but AMD cards do work.

    There are published lists of GPU accelerated tasks for Premiere here:

    Also see this list:

    Official Mac CUDA support for:
    • GeForce GTX 675MX
    • GeForce GTX 680
    • GeForce GTX 680MX
    • GeForce GT 750M
    • GeForce GT 755M
    • GeForce GTX 775M
    • GeForce GTX 780M
    • Quadro K5000

    Official Mac OpenCL/Metal support for:
    • AMD FirePro D300
    • AMD FirePro D500
    • AMD FirePro D700
    • AMD Radeon R9 M290X
    • AMD Radeon R9 M380
    • AMD Radeon R9 M390
    • AMD Radeon Pro 560
    • AMD Radeon Pro 570
    • AMD Radeon Pro 575
    • AMD Radeon Pro 580
    • AMD Radeon Pro M395X
    • AMD Radeon Pro Vega 56
    • AMD Radeon Pro Vega 64
    • Intel® HD Graphics 6000
    • Intel® Iris™ Graphics 6100
    • Intel® Iris™ Pro Graphics 6200

    Contact Adobe support if you are unable to select OpenCL or Metal. There could be a known bug with AMD. I'm running into no issues with NVIDIA GTX 1080 FE on 5,1 with latest CC 2018 updates.

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