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    Oct 8, 2011
    AMD Trinity APU for Ultrathins will run at 17 watts and offer all of the performance of the of the previous mainstream solution which ran at 35 watts previously. The Mainstream laptop solution will offer an 25 percent increase and the mainstream desktop solution offers a 50 percent increase in performance while maintaining the same low power as before. AMD is providing an alternative to thunderbolt called lightning bolt (such a lame name) which could offer 40 dollar accessories. The Ultrathin platform will allow manufacturers to created alternatives 700-1200 dollars ultrabooks and allows manufacturers to sell thin laptops for 500-800 dollars. The new AMD platform also provides better graphics and allows for things like better mainstream gaming, video editing, and HD Video Playback.
    Here is some info
    The only thing that disappointed me with the demo was the fact that there wasn't any VLC bars or taping :rolleyes:
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    Trying to position Lightning Bolt as an alternative to Thunderbolt is utter sillness. Lightning Bolt sounds more like Apple's old ADP adapter (remember that?) than Thunderbolt.
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    Yah it does sound pretty stupid.. but it is pretty useful technology no less. It combines USB 3.0, Display Port, and an AC adapter interface. For low cost docking stations it isn't a bad idea. While it isn't as powerful as thunderbolt it is a decent alternative.
    more info here
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    2011 was an up-and-down year for AMD, for sure.

    The fact that they made the APUs have improved performance while keeping the TDP at 17w without a die shrink is probably the most impressive part, but it is becoming clearer and clearer that AMD will perhaps never compete with Intel head-to-head again. As a huge fan of AMD, I thought perhaps 2011 was the year that AMD would compete with Intel in performance, but AMD fell flat on its face. Seems like AMD is going to be a budget brand for a long time. They just don't have the resources and reputation Intel has. It's GPUs are still the best on the market, however.
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    Dec 16, 2011
    1) I called it. Before AMD came out with Lighting Bolt, I said "I bet AMD will make some kind of I/O like Thunderbolt, but call it Lightning Bolt" when chatting with my friend.

    2) AMD better not fail. If this does as bad as bulldozer they might as well just drop out of the x86 market and focus on graphics/mobile.
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    Bulldozer was a flop (Poor single threaded performance) - If I was a stock holder I would be selling off my stocks now - Its clear management doesn't want to take the steps to get AMD up there again.

    AMD doesn't need the resources, it has Global Foundries for that - It needs the talent and expertise. Most importantly it needs management that gives a damn.
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    Well it isn't a bad thing that AMD is going after the budget segment. You know not everyone is rich and can afford a fancy 1000 dollar ultrabook or 2000 dollar gaming pc. Anyways many people need a computer that is fast and affordable and AMD APU products meat that need very well. OF course AMD still has decent products for the high such as the Opteron, Phenom and FX series. I think AMD's problem is not hardware but it is software and marketing they have always had horrible GPU drivers (first hand experience with that), software is always optimized for Intel CPUs, and in terms of hardware AMD lacked a good laptop solution until recently. In my opinion the AMD Fx-81xx series and the APU series offer something for specialized applications that are GPU accelerated and multi-threaded, not just traditional number crunching but balanced performance (also the fx series offers really good overclocking). In my opinion both the Fx bulldozer series and the Fusion APU series under-performed in applications they weren't built for. Just my opinion. Even if these products weren't perfect fx-8150 it was the first consumer 8 core CPU and the AMD Fusion platform was the first mainstream x86 system on a Chip (for desktops and laptops), gotta give credit for pure innovation and bringing these technologies and making them available for available to masses.

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