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Oct 26, 2004
I have some .ame files I want to open, does anyone know any software that will open these files?

There is a bit of software for windows which works called avatar viewer, is there a similar one for mac?

Thank You

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Richard Sowler


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Jul 23, 2002
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Do you know what produces the file? And what is in the file?

I found a couple of references on google for .ame - one as the extension for Act! E-Mail System Library.

I susgest you use Google (or whatever your favorite search engine) and seach on assorted keywords, including the file type and what's in the file.


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On the Mac there is CanOpener for data files, and GraphicConvertor for image files. Whether they will be able to make sense of this filetype, I don't know. Sometimes if you just open the file in BBEdit, you can make out some information in the header that clues you what program it is from.

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