American Customer Satisfaction Index: Apple Mac dominates for seventh straight year

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    American Customer Satisfaction Index: Apple Mac dominates for seventh straight year

    Customer satisfaction improves for major household appliances and is at or near all-time highs for personal computers and big- ticket consumer electronics such as televisions, according to a report released today by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). Amid recent news of weak durable goods growth and the continued uncertainty of the housing market, the ACSI results may provide a glimmer of hope for future demand for these durable products.

    “In order for demand to rebound, consumers must exhibit an increased desire to spend and have the means to do so,” said Claes Fornell, founder of the ACSI and author of The Satisfied Customer: Winners and Losers in the Battle for Buyer Preference. “ACSI data suggest that for durables, the first condition has been met in the form of higher customer satisfaction. Whether this will translate into increased consumer demand will depend on positive movement in the factors that impact the means to spend: employment, wages and access to credit.”

    Personal Computers: Apple Dominates Amid Industry-Wide Improvement
    Satisfaction with personal computers surges 4.0% to match the all-time industry high of 78 on the ACSI’s 0 to100-point scale. Apple gains 2% to 86, its highest score ever. This marks the seventh straight year that Apple leads all other PC makers, and the 9-point gap between Apple and its nearest competitor is the largest in ACSI.


    Many Windows-based machines also improve and no brand declines. Dell improves 3%, while Acer (Gateway and eMachines) and the HP division of Hewlett-Packard both rise 4%, forming a three-way tie at 77—well behind Apple. These companies are joined by the aggregate of all smaller PC makers, such as Sony and Toshiba, which gains 4% to 77. PC makers have benefited overall from better customer service, although this service continues to lag far behind other durable goods industries. PC owners who had reason to contact customer support are 8% less satisfied than those with no post-purchase contact with the manufacturer or retailer. “Windows-based PC brands appear to have recovered from the problems associated with the Windows Vista software,” said Fornell.


    Congratulations, Apple! Core values haven't changed in Cupertino. Nice to see.
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    Packard Bell? Are they even around any longer?

    EDIT: I found this article that might make sense for some of the numbers as well.
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    That's no surprise, really. Apple controls the entire experience; HP, Sony, blah blah don't. These companies can afford to shovel you off to some other company's customer service department claiming it's not their fault (as they have with me). Whereas if Apple drops the ball, they're the ones that suffer.
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