Amfeltec storage expander for Mac Pro 2013


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May 10, 2014
Thank you.
Good to know, but what about its price, is it a top secret matter?:)
I just got a price from Amfeltec. They quoted me US$518 including priority shipping to Singapore.


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Aug 2, 2014
I just got a price from Amfeltec. They quoted me US$518 including priority shipping to Singapore.
Which I think is a ridiculously high price, you might as well spend that money on a 2tb ssd instead. In that other thread they gave the buyer a discount. Seems they just don't want to sell.


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Oct 21, 2018
Perth, WA
Not only that, the return policy is really bad . Their support does not help, repeating the same things as robot. Stay away.
Well.... Let's remember a few things prior to criticising Amfeltec here..
I have wanted one of these Amfeltec cards for a long time (the Squid 2.0 x16 to be accurate). The sales department responded quickly and courteously to my request for a quote on 2 separate occasions. I didn't like the price (and I hoped it might come down 6 months later) BUT as a number of the most experienced posters on this forum have noted, it is the cost of the 'PEX SWITCH' (supplied by a 3rd party vendor) that makes up most of the asking price for an innovative PCIe-based storage solution that Amfeltec engineered and is then trying to resell (somehow at a profit).

How is a relatively small company most of us have never heard of prior to becoming Mac Pro owners (myself included), supposed to carry the cost of a bulk order for PEX chips (or 'switches') if the customer base enjoys the freedom of 'try before you buy' style refund policies that offer full refunds to buyers who have a "change of heart" within the first 28 days of purchase. Consumer electronics giants can offer fiscally questionable promises like this but we'll never see innovation from small independent electrical engineering shops if we, as a passionately niche group of buyers, expect super favourable refund terms from cool little companies that simply can't afford to offer it.

Sorry if this sounds like a sermon, I just want to inject some balance in to this discussion. In light of the comments from the previous posters, I will say that I don't like robot after market support services and that the onus is on us to know the return policy prior to purchase. If it seems 'bad' then I guess that's just another factor to consider prior to purchase BUT remember - the product itself is generally well regarded on this forum and 'price' seems to be the biggest complaint, not poor product performance.
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