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Mar 26, 2012
I use SMS Audio Headphones on my iPhone 6. These phones are bass heavy and I want to custom equalize my music to turn down the bass and turn up the treble. Spotify is great for this. I want to be able to customize the EQ for the iPhone Music app for the new Apple Music. Setting the eq on itunes before importing is not an option for streaming Apple Music. Are there any apps that allow you to customize eq from what's coming out of the Music app? A free one would be preferable, but please list all the ones you know.


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Apr 9, 2011
No... But if you go to settings, music, eq... There are a bunch of presets.


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Mar 10, 2009
There's an app called 'Equalizer' that I've been using for years. Not sure if it's free, but it's worth the $4 or so I paid for it a while back. Due to iOS limitations, you have to navigate through your music through a browser within the app in order for the EQ to work. You can't set any sot of EQ outside of the Music library and have the settings apply, other than the default EQ. Soon your music is mostly DRM free, the app can read your library and play your music just the way you'd like. This is the only app I've ever left a review for.
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