An App to open a group of related documents?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by KasparCorbin, Jan 21, 2014.

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    Jul 10, 2008
    Hi Everyone,

    Sorry. I tried to find information about this online, but nothing came up. Maybe I'm just searching badly, but some help would be much appreciated.

    Sometimes I'll be working on Project 1, and will have a bunch of windows open: a bunch of Safari tabs, multiple Preview pages (with papers I'm reading), 5 or 6 word docs with notes, some relevant email messages, and maybe an excel spreadsheet. Everything is related, and I have it all up at the same time.

    Then I start Project 2. I need to do essentially the same thing, but with a completely new group of documents. One option is to minimize the set of docs related to Project 1, but having all my stuff for both Project 1 AND Project 2 bogs my computer down. (This problem is especially bad if I try to use multiple "desktops" on the Mac system.)

    What I'd like to do is have my computer take a "snapshot" of all of the documents and programs I have open for Project 1. The point would be that, when I'm ready to work on Project 1 stuff, I can click a single button and open everything up in exactly the way I had it last time I had it open (rather than doing it manually).

    Does this exist?
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    Jul 13, 2008
    You'd think everyone needed that, right? You've run up against the limitations of the Finder. So maybe an alternative is in order.

    Check out Conjure; it does pretty much what you ask. It's a very different way of organizing.

    Or Raskin; it also allows some grouping (on sale BTW as part of the "productivity bundle").

    You could also just move all the documents into a folder and just select-All and then re-open them. You'd have to save the Safari pages as weblocs, but possible. I'd take it a bit further and use a Mavericks tag like "Project1" to do this. I use Leap, and it makes it possible to show email, web pages, and documents all at once with the same tag or tags. Very nice. Default Folder X, in conjunction with tags and favorites might be helpful as well.

    Another solution for project work I've used is DevonThink. You can reference files in DT's database, so you could have a "Project1" folder with all the files you need, even though they might be actually stored elsewhere. You can just drop webpages on, and either store them as URLs, which you can view right in DT (!), or as complete web archives, in case you fear the content will be gone by the time you get back to it. Where it's better than tagging or alternate Finder applications (although you can tag with it) is that you can also create notes right in it, like "remember to fact check the citation" or whatever. And you can export stuff, archive it, all sorts of goodies. And since you can open much of the stuff right in DT you could avoid the problem of having to open Safari and Text Edit and maybe some other stuff. I think it's your best bet; it's a very popular system for research work like what you seem to be doing.

    I'm kind of wondering why Spaces doesn't work for you. When you're not actually doing something in these windows it shouldn't be slowing your system down that much. But even if that was sorted, check this other stuff out.

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