An Apple Genius f**ked up my iPhone...

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    Feb 8, 2010
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    Less than a week ago, I took my iPhone into the Genius Bar to have the screen checked out. (there was dust under it) After waiting 20 minutes in the store, an Apple Genius took my PERFECT white iPhone (NOT ONE STRESS CRACK) into the back, and did open heart surgery. It came back very dirty. So I get home, and I started to clean my phone (Yea, I do and I noticed cracks around the screws that are used to take the screen out. I then noticed a crack about one inch in length starting from the dock, going up the back of my phone. This totally pissed me off. But It was late, and I was tired. 2 days later, I started calling and IMing Apple about the issue, and how it happened. They kept saying that they would offer a Refurbished iPhone for me. To me, this was unacceptable. I payed like 400 bucks for my iPhone, and I took it in to get an issue fixed that SHOULDN'T have happened in the First Place. My phone was in spectacular condition. (It's only 4 months old, though) I don't think it's right to have one of Apple's "Geniuses" mess up my iPhone during a repair. I've had a refurbished iPhone before, and came with an assload of issues. Light leak, home button breaking, all sorts of stuff. I was not going to take a refurbished device in return for my baby. I keep trying to get in contact with Apple via E-mail, as their jerks on the phone keep telling me that they can only offer a refurbished device. Does anyone know how I can get this phone replaced with a NEW one, or contact APPLE via EMAIL? Thanks...
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    Their policy is to replace any defective units and offer a refurbished device.
    Just cause you had a bad experience in the past it doesnt mean you will get a bad refurb again. You can inspect it real close before you accept it. Most of the times refurbs are in perfect shape.
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    Well, if that were actually true, you wouldn't have been visiting the Genius Bar.

    Spend a few minutes in the forums here and you'll see that brand-new iPhones still occasionally still come out of the box with "assloads of issues", and that most people receive Genius Bar replacements that have no issues.

    Point being, I don't think you're necessarily increasing your odds of getting a "perfect iPhone" by demanding that you be given a new one.

    If I were you, I'd go to the Genius Bar, be cool about the whole thing, get a replacement, and check out the replacement right then and there at the bar. If it has light leakage, a broken home button, or any other issue, politely show them and ask for another replacement. They'll much easily be able to go through replacement iPhones, to find you one that you consider perfect, than they would be able to go through new iPhones designated to be sold.
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    At the iPhone hacks section.
    Bingo :D
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    is this like.........alot? :confused:
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    Chill out!

    You have some MAJOR issues! I have had two replacment iPhones from Apple and both function and look perfect!
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    wow, if it came from apple it shouldn't have all these issues -_-
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    I have bought ONLY refurbed Mac's, 0 issues, buy with confidence!
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    A buddy of mine got a refurb and it did not have the light leak issues or faulty home button unlike mine did from day one.
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    I wouldn't say refurbs are always perfect, but if you have an issue you can take them back and get another. They do have a new body, screen and battery.

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