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Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by cardfan, Nov 1, 2016.

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    Mar 23, 2012
    Lots call Apple an iphone or phone company now and they're not far off. And when people talk about Apple moving away from the Mac, that's such a dangerous thing to even consider for Apple IMO. The Mac is Apple's heart, their most important product which I've posted about before. This is what you keep doing no matter what, no matter what the gross margin is, or where it ranks on the profit list. Without the mac, Apple is no longer a computer company and turns into a blackberry. Apple's strength is how its computers and mobile devices work together.

    The PC market may be contracting a bit, but it's still a vast market and there's still plenty of room for Apple to tap into. The problem is a lack of products, focus, innovation, and marketing. That they have failed to do this during peak iphone is such a major misstep.

    The touchbar is such a joke. They've even indicated they have wasted two years doing this. Compromises had to be made in the pursuit of thinness and lightness. Premium netbooks.

    Here's the thing. If you ignore or move away from catering to the professionals such as graphics artists, photographers, musicians, and the like, you do it at your peril. THEY are the ones who champion your product. THEY are the ones who MAKE things for your Mac that make it such a great device. Bloggers champion your product. The media jumps on the wagon. These are your customers Apple. It trickles down to the mainstream and ignites into being the cool brand.

    Catering directly to the masses (and bypassing your core users) will fail. If there's one thing Apple learns here, it's that they must give a nod to its core users. I'm not advocating touch screens either, but Apple needs to find a way to tie iOS into its Macs and find a superior alternative. A touchpad designed for the Pencil would sound obvious. If USB-C is the future, then get going. Your ios devices are missing much a vital connection. A computer company without USB-C routers, monitors, printers, etc? WTF Apple. These are called accessories. You sell overpriced cases for iphones and ipads. VR? Straighten out your graphics problems.
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    I don't think Apple needs to get into the USB C accessory market. OEMs are filling the gap just fine, and I don't think there is much Apple can do to sufficiently differentiate these products to justify a higher premium.

    For whatever it is worth, I don't think Apple is moving away from the Mac. It's still an important part of the company. However, Apple seems to view the PC market as being increasingly mature, and there isn't really much that can be done at this point. That it took two years to come up with the touchbar speaks volumes about how resource intensive it will be to come up with an innovative new feature for a laptop that does beyond mere spec bumps.

    The new MacBook Pro feels like a touch of bad timing for Apple. The form factor was probably done much earlier, but the laptop ended up being delayed due to the touchbar. And by the time it was ready to be unveiled, the timing was such that it ended up being stuck with an older processor.

    What I feel Apple could have done was communicate better with their user base. They kept everyone waiting for more than a year, only to release a laptop which was missing certain critical features. I think much of the criticism leveled at Apple lacks context, but I can understand why users are feeling as upset and betrayed as they are.
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    And yet Apple will sell you whatever they want to sell you with. Who knows...Apple continue to sell you pieces to get mbp working. They became "auto parts" store. Maybe they will sell you mbp box to put your mbp in it. Yeah..they are weird.

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