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Discussion in 'macOS' started by velocityg4, Jul 19, 2007.

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    Dec 19, 2004
    Well we get so many posts with people having problems with their Macs and so few of the positive experiences I thought I would share a good one of mine.

    Yesterday a hard drive failed on my XP Machine, yes I backed up. Anyways I was certain that this failure was just a corrupt partition and not actual hardware failure. So I decided to format the hard drive and reinstall Windows. Well low and behold Windows could not mount this drive.

    First on my XP machine I tried using the Windows installer disk to load the Windows restore program. At the text prompt I tried running fixboot, fixmbr, format and diskpart, none of those works. Then I popped the drive into a roomates XP machine. Device Manager would recognize the drive as healthy but it would not mount. I went into computer manger to load disk manager and tried to format the hard drive from their and the little bastard still was not recognized. I did try a few recovery programs and none would recognize the drive either.

    With these attempts failed I thought I would give another roommates new Vista computer a shot. Nope, Vista just hung while booting it did not like my corrupted partition.

    Now with my hopes dashed I gave in to the inevitability last night that this hard drive is indeed toast, not a simple corrupted partition. Since it was late and being rather discouraged I went to bed.

    Come the morning as I sat drinking some coffee a though hit me my G5 has been sitting there and no attempts have been made with it. I slapped the disk into my back-up drives enclosure. First I checked system profiler the disk was correctly recognized. Onto Disk Utility, upon loading Disk Utility there sat my hard drive showing that there even was a partition that existed. Immediately I went and repartitioned my hard drive. Success, there sitting on my desktop were two miraculous partitions venerating the power of UNIX sitting behind OS X.

    There you have it, an NTFS partition was corrupt. When all the resources of Windows Recovery Console, XP and Vista plus hours of work and tech articles scoured not a partition could be recognized. Less than three minutes with a Mac; repartitioned in Fat32 and now sitting in my XP machine reformatted to NTFS and Windows, UGH, is installing.

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    Congrats on the saved drive. Its a real pain when a drive goes bad. At least you had everything backed up. I back up all the time. Have to in todays world. Glad I haven't had to run windows in a while, I really don't miss it.

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