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Discussion in 'macOS' started by redking31591, Jul 30, 2009.

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    The following come from a confused soul from the world of windows. I thought I should share them for kicks:
    "not to be super-argumentative here, but I'm feelin a little bias from your post. I've had my experience with both Macs and Dells. My Dell cost 300 bucks, it's a 17 incher, and I've had a fairly good experience with it. I'll admit I've had my problem with viruses, but on my latest installation I made sure to drop a good protector on it immediately, and I haven't had problems since (AVG, which is a good freeware anti-virus).
    when I did use Macs, I found they had a terrible habit of freezing up, that they'd inform me that the OS was about to crash and then wouldn't let me do anything about it, and would just leak out resources for no apparent reason. I didn't need a virus or memory leaks from poor programming, because the OS had a horrible habit of crashing itself.
    granted, I understand Macs have gotten at least somewhat better since then (couple years ago), but the costs are still outrageous, and they perform as well as PCs at best and with less compatibility. Of course you can dual-boot or use boot camp, but frankly there's nothing the Mac can do that the PC can't, and it's better to just cut the cost.
    of course the best thing you can do would be to not even sweat all these details, buy yourself a 200 dollar laptop that can go to facebook and youtube, and put down the real money on a custom-built desktop, since for the price of a Macbook Pro you can build a completely high end build with a 20 inch widescreen LCD and you don't need to carry around a substantial peace of a Beowulf Cluster just because those commercials tell you you need to have a trendy powerhouse that fits snugly in a backpack."

    "1. stability is about equal between systems at this point in time, but Mac OS had to play catchup to XP.
    2. Macs do not use any variant of Unix, they use Mac OS which is exactly that. Major servers around the world use distributions of *nix, less servers in the world use Mac OS than Windows even in amateur use such as gaming servers.
    3. Boot camp is a so-so emulator. It is feasible for using programs for which Mac already has an equivalent, but would lose too much power in using programs distinctly coded for Windows. General rule of thumb for emulation: you will get less than 100% unless the emulator system is 200% the power of the emulated or greater.
    4. Windows started as a copy of Mac and contains old DOS code, granted. This is ducking irrelevant.
    5. The price difference is not a lie. Put together a mac computer and a PC with identical specs by numbers, and the mac will not come out cheaper. Use whatever quality parts you want. Granted, some companies just suck for PC distribution, but you're given the choice. PCs are not proprietary, so you cannot compare them to Macs as though they were distributed from one source alone.
    6. Don't compare Vista to Mac as though it were the main windows system. Vista has improved, but most people just use XP because it's stable and compatible.
    7. Honestly, I've only ever owned one laptop. It's the same quality as the day I got it in December 2007. As for desktops, most of them in our house have lasted a good while, and when one part fails we just replace it.
    8. My laptop has never once BSOD'd or reg errored. Most computers don't. You must be stuck in '95. How's that right click going for ya?"

    "great, so all you know is textbook facts and subjective anecdotes. the problem with your argument is that you can't actually process these details into an objective comparison; all you've managed to do is prove that you're a Mac fan. You can say "oh look at all the old legacy crap Windows is covered in while Mac is covered with slick new stuff," but in the end it is the end-user traits that determine why anyone here should care about whether it's a Mac or a PC. Frankly, Mac OS is no better a consumer OS than Windows, and if you want something tight and perfectly stable than you should be using Linux anyway. Peddling Mac OS as a better professional solution is irrelevant to the case at hand; in the consumer's hands it's less convenient due to its lowered compatibility, poor price point, and proprietary system design that forces the consumer to strictly buy Apple-endorsed products.
    The simple fact is, every problem that Windows has Mac has. Every advantage you might find to efficiency in the recent Mac OSs have already been in place in Windows XP and Vista as of latest updates. The most common argument nowadays is that "Macs can run windows now!" but frankly if you have to use that as your argument, you're basically admitting that one of the advantages to Macs is that you don't have to use them as Macs anymore, and the idea that a Mac will perform in Windows better at the same price point as a PC is completely ridiculous. Frankly, I see no reason to dual-boot, because Windows can do everything a Mac can do and will do it better, except in a few specific, professional applications. In any general case, it's just as well to use a PC because the value price is a lot better.and the right clicking statement was facetious; I was hoping you'd catch that."

    these comments were made in response to some posts on facebook that I made regarding Mac OS X and Apple computers in general. I think that these responses hi light the problems that the Mac platform will face in the coming years. People are afraid of what they don't know and believe in stereotypes that no longer exist. My favorite was the comment that xp was stable out of the gate but mac are still poorly coded and have awful memory leaks.
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    The virus thing is something completely different?

    You should put what is quoted in quotes using: [ quote ] without the spaces.
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    No I'm not trying to start argument. These were just some interesting points that I found to be typical of a Mac vs. PC argument. they show the general misinformation about the mac platform
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    could you clarify and I'll fix it.
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    When you clicked the QUOTE button, it creates [ QUOTE ]blah blah blah[ /QUOTE ].

    Like that without the =redking21591;8190764 part.
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    Oh well I didn't get these from macrumors I copy and pasted them from a conversation I was having on facebook.
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    #8 doesn't matter.

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    You'll find ignorance on both sides. You run into more Windows users like this, because there are more Windows users, and many of them still think of Macs the way they were in the '90s.
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    Only thing I can say is, if those folks who commented on your FB post feel Windows serves their purpose, they shouldn't switch!

    Why post things around it and waste time?

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