An Interesting Read Ipad/eBooks related: Five lessons Apple can learn from Amazon

Discussion in 'iPad' started by samcraig, Mar 26, 2010.

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    Jun 22, 2009
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    Nice find, and an interesting read thank you.

    I could quibble with a few points here and there (what else is new?), but my biggest issue with the central themes are that these 'lessons' don't need to be learned by Apple until the way they currently do business - warts and all - proves unsustainable. Of course by that point it may be too late as is usually the case with basic strategic missteps.

    Obviously in the grand scheme of things, the night is young, and it could very well be that Apple has already planted the seeds of its own downfall in its approach to books if not music or films/tv shows, phone services, etc.

    I don't know though...I keep sort of coming back to the overall experience. Choice is nice, but so far - especially over the last say 24-36 months - there hasn't been an ala carte series of products and services which on the whole beat the experience I find using Apple's integrated ecosystem.

    Sure, there are always hardware and software features that Apple doesn't check off on a spec sheet as compared to others' products and services. Yet, trying those other products and services has been less than satisfying for me on the whole. Certainly less satisfying than are Apple's offerings. Thus far I've been more than happy living with the compromises and 'sacrifices' as offered by Apple.

    I'm rambling a bit all over the place, and perhaps thinking about this article in a broader context than intended. But it did get me thinking which is good :)
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    Well exactly Anthony. I'm not saying the author is right/wrong or nitpicking. I just think that in the slew of recent articles coming out - this one is definitely a good read to which you can walk away from and do some thinking. It's not a slam article. It's not a worship article. It's pretty grounded and for that I can appreciate it lately all the more.

    As the cliche goes - time will tell..

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