An iPad case like the Apple one...


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Sep 23, 2007
....but not?

I have the Apple case already (black one which opens, not smart cover) and I like the way it flips over and slots into the back to create an upright/typing stand however I hate the way it always looks so dirty and dusty no matter how often I clean it!

In short - can anyone recommend a nice slimline case which has the same stand functions as the apple one? I have the 1st iPad but I'm looking to get the new one when it comes out.


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Jan 1, 2012
there are a LOT of them

I have been reading this forum and looking at cases online for a couple of weeks now. It is hard to sort out all of the different models, and there are slight differences from one to another. Some have a top that folds into a triangle like the Apple smart cover, some fold just one way and that creates a viewing angle or a typing angle depending on how you turn the ipad, some cover the back with padding just like the front while the backs of others are just a thin shell that snaps onto the ipad. Some are just a book and don't create a stand.

The ones I've looked at are:
mophie workbook folio
khomo folio
marware microshell folio
STM skinny
yoobao i-slim ultra
chinao leather
rivet leather folio
maroo folio

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Jul 9, 2002
I like the following ones as they are really cool, full light protection, works as a smart cover, flip case + stand and comes with removable strap so you can carry it around!
or for more:
also this place has cool ones:

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