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    Dec 17, 2013
    Since the forum is drowning in negative experiences as per usual, I thought I'll share my awesome one!

    Bought a Retina iPad Mini in July 2014 and have been loving it.
    I previously had an iPad Air, which was awesome, but too unwieldy for my small hands and exceptionally short fingers. Since day 1, however, that iPad Mini was regularly overheating in such fashion that it would power itself off after 10-20 minutes of "idling around". Also it burnt my palm quite badly and smelled "unsafe" like melting or least very hot plastic. I had gone on holiday abroad the day after I purchased the iPad mini and hence was not only unable to get a quick replacement, but also missed out completely on the 14-days return window. So I called up Apple from my holiday destination, explained my dilemma and the lovely lady on the phone run online diagnostics and made a note in my case so that I would still be given a new iPad upon my return a month later.
    When I returned from holiday an empty Apple cardboard box was already waiting at my doorstep for me to send in the faulty unit.

    Since the excessive overheating (which btw was software unrelated; the hotline lady and I reinstalled the iOS from scratch multiple times without restoring) only happened in about 7 of 10 times, it sure didn't show up when the repair facility tested the iPad. They also didn't seem to have seen the note on my case that the hotline lady had allowed me an exchange anyway, so two days later I received the same unit back, with the note that it was totally fine. I turned it on and within ten minutes it shut off again due to overheating. Must have been lots of derps over at the Apple repair place.

    Naturally I tried to call the hotline lady, but her voicemail was full and she was out of office. So I went into the Apple Store worried beyond my senses that I was going to be stuck with that unusable unit forever now, but the genius there touched it for barely a split second and exchanged it under lots of apologies.

    The new unit worked like a charm until yesterday lunchtime. I was on a Google hangout with my mom, exited it by pressing the home button and that was it. The home button was completely flat and unresponsive, as if the spring underneath had burst itself in fundamentalist fashion into complete obliteration. I checked the available appointments at the local genius bars and was like :eek: when I found nothing until in three weeks time. (Of course, a dead home button isn't the end of the world, but at that point I hadn't yet discovered the 5-finger-gesture that brings you to the home screen too and thought I was going to be stuck in my apps unless I powered off the device between each and everyone. :rolleyes: )
    Opened a chat session with Apple Support and asked if they had an earlier date, they sure did! Today at 12:00 my iPad was briefly looked at by a genius, before she pulled out another brand new unit without giving me AT ALL the difficult time I expected. (À la "we've already exchanged your iPad once and maybe you pressed the button too hard, that's not Apple's fault")

    Not once did I have to put my foot down or beg or anything of that nature, when it comes to these sickly iPad minis. Each time I walked into the Apple Store I had inadvertently braced myself for an argument, like I was used to it from Currys (bought an £800 washing machine from them, which simply stopped working 2 weeks in, and the guys initially even refused to send someone out to look at it even though I had bought into an extended warranty scheme) or Specsavers, who measured my eyes and then proceeded to build me glasses with which my vision was more blurred than without, but told me I had to live with that, or BT whose engineers cut through the phone cable leading to our house during roadworks and took 3 weeks until they even sent out an engineer to look at it (who then proceeded to be 5 hours late). In that customer service hell that the UK appears to be, Apple have always stood by their products and warranty.

    I actually really enjoy the Android platform and am so tempted to switch to a Samsung A5 or HTC M8 for my next phone (still on the 4Gless 5), but having continuously made such great experiences with Apple Support (also with my MacBooks in screen as well as battery issues), it's quite hard to make the leap out of that fruity comfort zone. Well done, Apple, for realising that it's not only gimmicky products that keep customers faithful - those are probably more successful in pulling in new customers. What makes me stay since 2007 (despite having a wandering eye to the droids) is this uncomplicated product support. :)
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    In my opinion they are second to none in taking care of their customers. Good story and glad to hear about someone who is happy for a change!
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    Glad to hear that it all went well with you :) I've received nothing but good service with Apple when I needed it. I'm glad you got what you asked for with hardly any trouble at all :)

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