An issue with wine & continuum

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    Jul 22, 2008
    So i am trying to do the tutorial here to get continuum running in mac via wine and i almost got it!

    i get up to the final step, making a shortcut and i do the following:
    Creating a 'Short Cut'

    Using Terminal, we can create a short script that will run terminal, run the Continuum executable, then close terminal and X11 when done. To do this, open your favorite text editor and enter the following
    it used to work while entering this first line here but no longer:

    wine /Users/YOURUSER/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Continuum/Continuum.exe;

    killall Terminal;

    killall xinit

    Save the file as, then open Terminal and navigate to the location of the file (cd path/to/file) then run the following command:

    $ chmod 700

    $ chmod a+x

    If you'd like, you can place this script in the wine folder, then create a symbolic link to that script by executing the following in terminal

    $ cd path/to/desktop

    $ ln /path/to/script/ continuum

    Once you've done that, apply an Icon and drag it to your dock - and you can keep it there. Not the best way, but it's a good and easy way of making it executable.


    ok i do all of this, then i double click the continuum file this is what i see in terminal:

    ryans-macbook-pro:~ ryan$ /Users/ryan/.wine/continuum ; exit;
    -bash: /Users/markee97/.wine/continuum: cannot execute binary file

    i also get the same thing when i type wine in terminal then drag the exe in terminal which is supposed to work.

    I WAS SO CLOSE! please help!
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    Oct 29, 2008

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