An Open Letter From Developer . Tips For Us. ( Mac App Developers) Pls.

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    Sep 6, 2013

    Greetings from MacAppStudio Team of two,

    We love making apps, we do with so much love and passion, we quit our high paying full time jobs to make these wonderful apps to make people lives simpler, easier and happier.

    We are very good and strong in making apps but we don't know how to promote we always believed good apps will fly out of colors and strongly believed in people and customers. We continue to work very hard, day and night with our vision of making awesome experiences. We Love our customers, support them, hear to them, we spend most of time in making apps and hearing to our customers, we hardly spend any time for other things and for family.

    We are also a two member team ( One Developer and One Designer) We just believe in our work, people and God. Thanks to awesome support from our our family. George is a father of an awesome boy and myself ( Suresh) has two cute little angels, we hardly spend anytime to family. We love Steve Jobs and always believe we cant connect dots going forward.

    Ok, Now let me come to you guys, we have not spend much for any promotion. We did our best in what ever level we can do, i.e. to built awesome product, built awesome website, but one thing we felt lagging is promotion, which also we believed a good product will sell by itself.

    Now, we want you guys to give us a piece of advice on promoting our apps, we are a bootstrapped company so running from our money ;) no investors. Lets us know if you guys have any awesome idea.
    We have read various blogs and some ideas but we always love to hear straight from people. Please take a minute to share your experiences, thoughts or ideas.

    We just launched an app called GoodDay and as an launch offer we priced it for 0.99$ by God's Grace in no time it reached top#3 in social networking.

    We need your support. Pls let us know your thoughts it means a lot to us.

    Thanks for your valuable time.

    With Lots of Love and Regards
    Suresh and George
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    For one clear in what you say.
    You did not say, if this was applications for Max OS or iPhone.
    This is critical.
    If its not intuitive...don't do it.
    Be clear on the interface....use words like "go" when its required
    to operate...don't make us guess how to move the software to function.
    Use color when means GO, red means STOP,
    YELLOW means pause, Black means cancel.
    Make sure there is a way to cancel that is obvious.
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    Jun 27, 2007
    Looks nice, unfortunately, the developer's other apps all got bad reviews and are not updated since March / April.

    And appears the developer is banned from MR due to multiple promotion posts of the same info.

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