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    Jun 1, 2011

    I am new to this forum and I wanted to ask the million dollar question.

    I'm currently doing an investigation on the cultural, historical and sociological differences between digital and analogue technologies in relation to music.

    The question I wanted to ask is: What attitudes do you have towards analogue and digital equipment when recording (hardware vs software), and in playback (vinyl and tape VS mp3's etc.)? Which one do you prefer and why?

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    I don't really understand this question since practically all music goes through a digital process at some stage. People that have even heard a real vinyl pressing a fast shrinking minority, not to mention vinyls done in a completely analogue process.
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    I can tell you that all the emulation of analogue recording techniques or the use of actual analogue hardware is still popular because two main reasons:

    1. It is what we are used to. Music was recorded and heard through analogue means during the majority of the past century.

    2. Analogue means imperfection. Think of it as a birthday card. Digital would be a plain paper with a black helvetica font and a formal tone. Analogue is hand written with different colors and drawings of hearts and kisses.

    Although actually deeper and more technical than what I wrote, that is basically the reason of why analogue is still loved.
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    can you explain what you mean by the cultural and sociological parts?

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