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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by melchior, Dec 1, 2008.

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    My macbook pro was stolen and I am overseas, insurance will pay for a new one, but i have no way of buying one and getting it shipped without paying through the nose in ridiculous customs... so i'm going to wait until at least early next year. i could maybe arrange someone to bring it over, but it's a big ask.

    i've been looking at the likelihood of a speed bump.

    at the moment we have the following intel cpus in the macbook pros:

    P8600 2.4 $241 25w 3mb
    T9400 2.53 $316 35w 6mb
    T9600 2.8 $530 35w 6mb
    These are the leaked upcoming cpus to be announced on December 28.
    T8700 2.53 $241 25w 6mb
    T9550 2.66 $316 35w 6mb
    t9800 2.96 $530 45w 6mb
    there is also the q9100 and q9000 quad core cpus running at 2.26 and 2.0. there is no consensus on the pricing. there is a listing for q9100 as $851, but who knows...

    so to me it looks like apple could smoothly step up to a 2.53 base and top out at 2.96 if they are willing to live with 45w drain...

    of course, apple may have factored in the saving of $40 or so they will get when the old cpus drop in january and will continue until the clarksfield cpus hit our doorsteps sometime toward the end of 2009. apple has never made us suffer more than 9 months between bumps before though, so they have to bump sometime in the middle between october 2008 and what is likely to be around october 2009... if they bump in feb it works out nicely.

    the 17" of course has high hopes for a q9100, but at the price point of $300 wholesale over the current high end model, apple's high profit margin tax may make it very expensive indeed.

    *maybe* apple will reintroduce BTO matte screen option at the same time? that would make me happy.

    i'm kidding myself on the matte screen and apple being generous though. economic times are tough. which will yield higher profits? make a few extra sales from idiots like me who will wait or lose a few sales from idiots like me but increase their profit margins from idiots who don't know what patience is.

    just thought i'd throw it out there and show that apple could easily move a step up in february, if they felt generous, while they intro'd the 17" unibody...
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    Apple knows that despite all your complaining, unless you are savvy enough to Hackintosh a real laptop*, you will upgrade to whatever MBP they are offering at the time, matte or not.

    * As opposed to a NetBook, which is what most of the laptop Hackintoshing is focusing on at the moment.

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