Analyst reveals Apple iPhone 4 fix: Internal

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Portal83, Jul 15, 2010.

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    I'd love for this to be true, but the description makes no sense. (Anyone else notice that?)

    The idea is to insulate (or electronically separate) the metal antenna from the hand (so that the hand can not form an electrical connection between the two antenna segments). How does it make sense to have an internal insulator? That would imply insulating the antenna from the phone's internal circuitry. Which is kind of laughable.

    This analyst has been way wrong in the past, and it looks like he's done it again.
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    Now that you've mentioned it, the only way it would make sense to me is that the insulator will effectively invalidate the function of the external metal strip as the antenna. If that's true, then wouldn't that significantly lower the overall reception quality of the antenna?
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    Right. That's the laughable part.
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    Not to defend Apple here, but you need to remember that we on the outside are operating on a LOT of assumptions about just exactly what is creating the problem. Sure, it's pretty apparent how to reproduce it, and there's what seems to be a clear layman's explanation, but the reality is that RF engineering is way over the heads of most people here (myself included). If nothing else, getting my Advanced class Amateur Radio license taught me that what I thought I knew about DC electronics goes right out the window when you're talking about RF.

    Point being, take what a reporter says with a very big grain of salt. It likely isn't going to make sense. Chances are the reporter really didn't understand what his source was saying and we really don't know much about the technical mechanisms going on either. There's a lot to the problem that doesn't make sense: why just that spot, why doesn't bridging the same parts of the band further away create the same issue?

    So let's see what Jobs says. The proof will be in the pudding and in what ends up on the market as his fix.

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