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Apr 12, 2001

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek today released a new research report that is gaining attention for its claims regarding Apple's next generation of iOS devices. Based on supply chain checks, Misek believes that the iPhone 5S is likely to launch in June or July of next year, in line with several other reports citing a similar timeframe.

Misek makes a number of interesting claims regarding features of the iPhone 5S, classifying them into "likely" and "possible" but offering little expanded commentary on any of them.
Based on our checks, likely updates include a new super HD camera/screen, a better battery, and NFC. Possible updates include an IGZO screen for Retina+, 128GB storage, and coming in 6 to 8 colors.
Going further, Misek discusses a number of different iPhone 6 prototypes he believes are currently circulating, referring to the device that would follow next year's iPhone 5S.
Several iPhone 6 prototypes appear to be floating around. The model with a 4.8" screen is the most interesting. It has a Retina+ IGZO screen, a new A7 quad-core processor variant, and a new form factor with no home button. Full gesture control is also possibly included.
Misek also revives talk of a low-cost iPhone at a $200-$250 price point on an unsubsidized basis, but claims that the project has not yet been given the go-ahead.

A mid-2013 launch for the iPhone 5S would make for an accelerated update cycle on the iPhone, but as was seen with the iPad this year Apple may be working to speed up the intervals between product updates in order to enhance its competitiveness. Asymco's Horace Dediu last week outlined several reasons why Apple may be making such a concerted effort, with one major reason being the strongly cyclical nature of Apple's sales that sees customers holding back on purchases for as much two quarters ahead of an expected product release. Accelerating product releases would make customers more likely to skip generations but smooth out Apple's sales numbers while keeping its products fresh and competitive.

Misek also believes that Apple will be launching the fifth-generation iPad around June of next year, with the device adopting an IGZO display to reduce thickness and weight. The iPad mini is reportedly also scheduled for an upgrade around the same time, potentially adopting multiple new colors and a Retina display.

Finally, Misek believes that Apple may launch its long-anticipated television set with gesture and voice control in September or October of 2013, with delays said to be stemming from issues with Sharp's financial stability and yields on IGZO panels. Apple is reportedly struggling with content negotiations for its rumored television set initiative, but fresh comments from CEO Tim Cook regarding television being an "area of intense interest" have continued to drive speculation about Apple's efforts.

In most cases, analyst reports should be taken with considerable skepticism, and Misek has had a mixed track record in the past. His closest hit was likely early claims of the iPhone 4S, while he has missed on other topics such as a thinner IGZO-based iPad for the third generation earlier this year and a Netflix competitor from Apple.

Article Link: Analyst Suggests iPhone 5S Could Launch in Mid-2013 with NFC, 128 GB Storage, 6-8 Colors


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Sep 8, 2009
I find this all hard to believe. Though I could see 128GB storage becoming an option.


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Jul 5, 2004

I predict that Apple will launch improved versions of their current products and possibly new products in the near future.

Where's my check? :rolleyes:


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Oct 4, 2008
Cool, I can't wait to get a red one and have all the anodizing chip off.


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May 30, 2006
Yeah sure, now, who produces a single NAND flash chip that can hold 128 GB?! The answer is no one.

Analysts are just notoriously bad at guessing.


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Mar 4, 2007
Would be nice if they made the $200 model 32gb but I guess that's too much to expect.


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Aug 5, 2011
Wow 6-8 colors for each capacity on each carrier? That's a metric s*** ton of SKUs.

You want a purple 32GB on AT&T? Sorry we only have purple 32GB Sprint models.

I hope they can somehow provision them in store so any model can be sold to any carrier


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Nov 11, 2012
4.8" screen, near field communication (NFC), coming in a range of colors...sounds like the iPhone is turning more and more into the Samsung Galaxy S3.


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Dec 28, 2009
I find none of what this "analyst" says to be even remotely plausible. The increased storage option? Maybe. But NFC, 4.8" screen, multiple color options? Doesn't seem Apple like IMO. It took Apple 5 generations of the iPhone to increase the screen size a whole half inch. Now they're going to increase it by an additional 0.8 inches in 6 months?


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Jul 9, 2008
SEC Country
Seems like Apple may have to do this to keep up with android. There will be a lot of people upset but I am actually excited to see what Apple will do with models coming out more frequently. :cool:


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Mar 2, 2006
I need a 'job' like his where I get paid a probably not-too-shabby amount each month to spout random nonsense like he does. :p


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Apr 11, 2012
I could MAYBE see a 5S in June, but all that iPad news is BS in my opinion. I think Apple deliberately pushed out an iPad 4 to move the release schedule to the fall. There was nothing remotely necessary in terms of competition or otherwise to release the 4 so soon.
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Dec 22, 2008
Tampa, FL
I strongly encourage all MR users to bookmark this post and come back and visit it when the iPhone 5S is released. These are some WILD predictions to say the least.


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Jul 19, 2002
June or July would be great. I think a large block of users who purchased the iPhone 4s when it came out (like myself) have "refresh" dates around then.

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May 25, 2012
4.8" screen...

I am not even done updating for this 4inch screen. I will kill someone if we have to develop for yet another screen.

Otherwise yay.


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May 16, 2007
4.8" screen, near field communication (NFC), coming in a range of colors...sounds like the iPhone is turning more and more into the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Dont other phones besides the S3 have those same features? Anyways, I think its good because the S3 is viewed as the cool, hip new phone by many and there is no reason apple should cling to its smaller screen if it can be more profitable with multiple versions.
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