Anandtech: Xbox One Versus PS4 (critical analysis)

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by luffytubby, Jun 25, 2013.

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    Link to the full article;

    All in all a great article (a lengthy read, but good). It talks about the Trojan horse and the war for the living room. We don't know how big the gap is between PS4 and Xbox One. Nobody knows for certain.

    It's, a possibility that it's significant, but it's also possible that the visual prowess in both machines is so large that the difference might not make a significant visual difference between most games. That could mean, - identical multiplatform games, and if that is the case, then it's worth considering that most games this generation will be multiplatform.

    It might come down to your preferences on Xbox Live vs PSN+ , Dual Shock 4 Vs Xbox One Controller, and the exclusive franchises on each platform, that will make the difference for you.

    Both machines are fully capable. Very.
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    I don't see this brought up a lot... Bear in mind both machines have 8gb ram with the Xbox using 3gb for the OS and the PS4 using just 1gb for its OS. That's a big difference and it will be noticeable once we're midway into next-gen.
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    It all boils down to games though.

    If XBOne got rid of the included Kinect, and made the basic package $399, I would get that over PS4 as I like Halo. The rest of the games I like will be on both platforms anyways.
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    Great point, but you should really be fair to consider both sides of the situation. PS4 may have faster RAM, a better GPU, and more available memory apart from the OS, but the XBox costs $100 more.

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    Lol. That made e giggle :)
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    What people forget is the Xbone only needs to drive a 1080p display, A midrange graphics card is more then capable of hitting 60fps at high graphics settings on next gen games. I think the Xbone will start to struggle half way though its life span when we start seeing higher resolution tvs (4k displays) and as games advance even further, the thing is the PS4 will also struggle with those same issues, just to a slightly less extent.
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    I think we should be fine. 4K display are extreme expensive 6K+. Within 5-6 years I see huge price drops, but by then the next gen would almost be ready.

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