'Ancient' Moto v551 to iPhone 3G

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sailmac, Jun 29, 2010.

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    Searched threads and didn't find this specifically covered.

    Wife has been using a Moto v551 for more than 6 years. Her service started with Cingular which later became AT&T. They sent her a new SIM card 4 years ago and that's what is currently installed.

    She now is in possession of a used iPhone 3G. We're wondering about the best way to get her up and running:

    1. Take the SIM from the v551 and put it in the 3G. Login to AT&T online and add the appropriate data plan ($15/mo 200MB) and make other relevant changes. Alternatively, call AT&T customer service and speak to a rep make the changes. Either way, enjoy not making a trip to the AT&T store.

    2. Take both phones to the AT&T store. Ask them to install a brand new SIM into the 3G, and to make appropriate changes to her plan on the spot. Rest easy knowing that a fresh SIM is installed and everything is 'right' before leaving. Leave behind the v551 for recycling, too.

    Is there anything to be gained by having a fresh SIM installed? Will AT&T charge a "new SIM" fee?

    I recognize this question is a bit outdated considering the emphasis on iPhone 4, so I appreciate helpful replies all the more!
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    FWIW, I simply put the SIM from v551 into iPhone 3G. Of course it found the network just fine and I confirmed with test calls to/from the phone. No biggie.

    However, when I went online to add the data plan everything went smoothly until the confirmation page. It complained that the registered device was not compatible with the selected option and to call customer service.

    The online profile had instantly picked up the change from v551 to iPhone 3G, but apparently that is cosmetic and the info isn't automatically fed to relevant database.

    I spoke with customer service, gave them the iPhone's IMEI number, and let them add the data plan (also delete the old MEdianet plan, which will be prorated from the last billing date).

    I mentioned that the SIM card is 3G but is older and has Cingular branding, and asked if this might pose any problems moving forward. The rep advised replacing the SIM (didn't explain any particular reason why), to which I agreed, and she proactively asked her supervisor to wave the replacement fee, which he did.

    She gave me the option of having the new SIM mailed, or swapping in person at a store. She would call ahead to the store and make sure there was no charge for the new SIM, and it would be activated on the spot. But for convenience I asked her to have it mailed. When it arrives I'll simply call back and they'll add the new SIM's number to the account.

    For the experienced I'm sure all of that was nap-inducing. But for searchers who do this kind of thing only once in awhile I hope the information is useful!

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